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Delegated Legislation Essay

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Asif Tufal

DEFINITION Law made by some person/body under powers deriving from an Act of Parliament. That statute is known as a “parent” or enabling Act. An example is:

TYPES OF DELEGATED LEGISLATION Statutory Instruments are Bye-Laws are made by local Orders in Council are laws regulations made by made by and with the advice authorities to cover matters of Her Majesty’s Privy Government Ministers and within their own area. An Departments. An example is: example is: Council and are used, for example, for transferring responsibilities between Government Departments, extending legislation to the Channel Islands, and under the Emergency Powers Act 1920. They can also be made by certain public corporations An example is the and certain companies for Government controlling fuel matters within their jurisdiction which involve ...view middle of the document...

Sub-delegation occurs whereby law making power is passed on to civil servants by Government Ministers. There is a large amount of statutory instruments (over 3,000 per year). Delegated legislation is not well publicised in contrast to debates on Bills in Parliament. Delegated legislation may be obscurely worded and difficult to understand. 1

Asif Tufal

CONTROL OF DELEGATED LEGISLATION Parliament Courts Delegated legislation The Joint Select If a statutory The Delegated can be challenged in instrument is subject Committee on Powers Scrutiny Statutory Instruments the High Court QBD to the affirmative Committee reports: through the process resolution procedure, (the Scrutiny of judicial review, on Committee) reviews it will not become ♦ whether the the ground that it is all statutory provisions of any Bill law unless ultra vires, ie, an act specifically approved instruments and will inappropriately that has gone beyond refer them to by Parliament. delegate legislative the limits of power Parliament if they: power, or granted; or that it is Most statutory unreasonable. instruments will be ♦ go beyond the ♦ whether the power subject to the powers of the is subject to an The grounds for negative resolution enabling Act; inappropriate degree judicial review are: procedure whereby of parliamentary the statutory ♦ reveal an unusual scrutiny. instrument will or unexpected use of ♦ Procedural ultra become law unless vires. An example of the powers; or The Committee rejected by this is: advises the House of Parliament within 40 ♦ have been drafted Lords before the days. Committee Stage of defectively or are the Bill. unclear. Effectiveness? The How effective is this negative resolution How effective is this procedure, which is committee? committee? more common, offers less control over ♦ Substantive ultra statutory instruments. vires. An example of this is:

♦ Unreasonableness. An example of this is:

Notes and activity based upon J. Martin, AQA Law for AS, p52-55.


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