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bring down the house To elicit a vigorous and lengthy ovation from an audience; to be a smash or great success; sometimes bring down the gallery. The image created by this expression, in which house means ‘theater’ or ‘playhouse,’ is one of such loud, sustained applause as to bring about the collapse of the building. The phrase was in use as early as 1754.
have the last laugh To prove ultimately successful after an apparent defeat; to avenge. The idea of having the last laugh is fairly literal, i.e., though others may laugh now, the butt of their humor will laugh later when, in the final analysis, he is victorious. This phrase was popularized in the 1937 song “They All Laughed,”by George ...view middle of the document...

Socialism … may pan out as a new kind of religion. (Sinclair Lewis, Our Mr. Wrenn, 1914)
pay dirt Any desired result or goal, especially one related to wealth or success; a fortunate discovery. Literally, pay dirt is a mining term that refers to an area of land that contains enough valuable metals or other resources to merit excavation. After its introduction in the 1870s, pay dirt soon became more figurative, commonly being applied to any success.
I didn’t hit pay dirt until near the bottom of the second box of discarded telephone directories. (John Evans, Halo in Blood, 1946)
In recent years, pay dirt has been used frequently to describe the end zone (goal area) of a football field.
ring the bell To succeed, to make a hit; to be the best. The bell of this expression may be that attached to the strength-testing machine at carnivals which rings when a player is successful. Or it may be the bell in target shooting that rings when the bull’s-eye is hit.
strike oil To have good luck or success, especially financial; to discover a source of potential personal aggrandizement; to strike it rich; to hit pay dirt. This expression alludes to oil as an entity which inevitably leads to wealth and success, a concept strengthened in recent years by the increasing prominence of Middle East oil barons. Though still used literally to describe the locating of underground oil, strike oil is commonly applied figuratively in contexts directly or indirectly related to money or other personal good fortune.
He has certainly “struck oil” in the Costa Rica and Honduras loans. {Punch, March 6, 1875)
turn up trumps To turn out successfully, to come out better than expected, to turn out well or fine; to be lucky, to land on one’s feet.
Instances … of short courtships and speedy marriages, which have turned up trumps—I beg your pardon—which have turned out well, after all. (Wilkie Collins, No Name, 1862)
The allusion is to drawing or playing a winning trump card. See trump card, PLOY.
with flying colors Victoriously, triumphantly, successfully; handily, easily; superbly, in extraordinary fashion. This phrase, usually in expressions such as come off with flying colors and come out of it with flying colors, alludes to a triumphant fleet of ships sailing into home port with their colors (i.e., flags) proudly displayed on the mastheads. Used figuratively, with flying colors often implies that one has not only survived a potentially precarious predicament but has been victorious to boot.
………….Definition of Success
Most people think success is a goal. I do not. I see success as a process. Most people define success only in terms of money. I do not. I think success is a combination of things -- health, happiness, material prosperity, love of family and friends, wisdom, influence, and fulfillment.

Here is how I know someone is successful -- If you are able to give from your abundance then you are successful. If you are able to donate money, spread happiness,...

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