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Defining Health Promotion Essay

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Defining Health Promotion
Health promotion is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the process of allowing people to maintain control over and enhance their health (Grand Canyon University, 2011). There are three levels of health promotion; primary, secondary, and tertiary. All three levels focus on prevention, but in different respects. In primary health promotion, the goal is to prevent the disease before it occurs. In secondary health promotion, the goal is to identify disease before it can manifest complications. It focuses on promoting healthy behaviors to support the health of the individual and encourages screening activities and treating any early warning signs. In ...view middle of the document...

Tertiary health promotion concentrates minimizing the effects of a disease or disabliity that is already permanent of irreversible (Edelman, 2010).
Nursing Roles and Responsibilities in Health Promotion
For primary health promotion, the role of the nurse is primarily educator. The importance on teaching and following up is stressed. The nurse may teach interventions. In the article, First Steps for Mommy and Me, the goal was to prevent excess infant weight gain and help mothers lose the weight gained during pregnancy. This was done by educating about healthful behaviors. The nurse’s role in all three articles was mostly about education, managing care, and advocating for high quality care. There is increased focus on lifestyle based prevention of chronic diseases and the nurse can help others by setting an example by leading a healthy lifestyle. It is also important for nurses to ensure individuals are involved in the decision making process for the care they receive.
Implementation of Health Promotion
The implementation of health promotion for all three levels are enhanced when there is a strong support system. Community base programs can provide a support system for those in need and can serve as a source education for the community. In the primary health promotion article, health promotion took place through motivational counseling, workshops, handouts and follow up...

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