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Defining And Building Networks Essay

1083 words - 5 pages

Colorado Technical University

IT326-1404-A-01: Network Infrastructure Administration

P1-IP1 – Defining and Building Networks
Assignment Due Date: 10/13/2014

Table of Contents
Target Organization 3
Proposed Network Solution 6
Network Design 7
Installation and Configuration 8
Maintenance and Troubleshooting 9
Remote Access 10
Network Pro Prep Toolkit 11
References 12

Target Organization
New York based DAR Information Systems Inc. (DAR InfoSyS) is a worldwide initiative offering a leading-edge collaborative suite of custom-built virtual training videos. DAR InfoSyS produces, markets, and supports training videos for organizations of all sizes, ...view middle of the document...

International vendor centers not slated for this system deployment are located in India, Costa Rica, and Mexico, (Verizon, 2014).
In alignment with their present marketing strategy, business needs and development, the organization has provided DAR InfoSyS with a request to revamp their existing training methodologies and accompanying materials intended for their current and prospective employees across all lines of business. Among the list of design requests include a secure, attractive, interactive, user-centric interface – with powerful networked features that make virtual training comparable to actually performing a live task on a job site, while being guided by familiar subject matter experts on their desktops.
In response to Verizon Communications requirements, DAR InfoSyS will custom design secure, informative, feature rich and interactive videos that will permit employees to perform virtually any technical aspect of their job by viewing from an extensive library of 90 second videos. Capabilities are expanded through the support and accessibility of multiple desktop/laptop platforms and Smart TV’s (for the call-center and middle management employee), as well as the various types of mobile devices currently in the marketplace (intended for the field technician), (CITATION).
Significant features consist of quick access how-to videos, often featuring a recognizable trainer that has the ability to convey important information in a clear, optimistic, and concise manner. Within specified limits, call-center employees can quickly access videos from their desktop that will provide specific information to assist customers placed on a brief hold – 90 seconds. On mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones supplied to field technicians for customer support, brief and specific information can be provided about how to perform and complete tasks while working with routers, set-top boxes, hubs, drop terminals, and multi-dwelling unit equipment. Personal video libraries can be created for most accessed videos. Printing is also available to create local files, wirelessly, or directly connected to a printer. Cutting-edge technology is engaged through the best in internet security and backup services and utilities; allowing employees and network designers the capacity to securely and discreetly archive terabytes of data to the cloud instantaneously. Personal video libraries can be created for most accessed videos. Printing is also available to create local files, wirelessly, or directly connected to a printer. Cutting-edge technology is engaged through the best in internet security and backup services and utilities; allowing employees and network designers the capacity to securely...

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