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Defining An Imc Plan Essay

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While the marketing concept has always focused on consumer needs, the practice of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) has truly provided the first major effort to truly put the customer in the centre of companies marketing activities. IMC is not only needed, but critical to marketing success, especially when designing a marketing communication plan. Many tools to can be used to identify the target market for the maximum exposure for a company such as demographics and psychographic factors and the need to formulate the segmentation of a target market.The foundation of IMC starts with sufficient research to understand who the target market is, where they are, what they want to hear, how they want to be communicated with, and how they define a positive relationship with the organization. By focusing a consistent and appropriate message to a defined ...view middle of the document...

This simulation makes use of demographics. Demographics, such as; age, income and social class, upper and middle class can used to subdividing markets. Specifically, Olive finds that their target market would be based on lifestyle and psychographics. Self-Actualizes and Tightrope walkers were the best for Olive. The two groups value style and quality while being brand conscious.A consideration when selecting positioning platform for IMC campaign is advertising. Advertising can be a convincing message for a product. Olive customizes its basic positioning in new markets while staying within their global plan. By customizing their position in a new market Olive can meet the specific furniture needs of the consumer. Olive found that surveys helped find their customers needs and key attributes customers look for when buying furniture which is style, price and comfort.Since Olive is looking to expand in the U.S. market, they know the importance of speaking in one voice. When the survey of target market was taken, it was compared to the current markets and the results from other countries which were that the customer was looking for the same thing. With a well integrated creative communications strategy, Olive will be successful in the United States. By Olive speaking in once voice they are saying that they will do what they said they will do.By creating a valuable IMC plan affects fundamentals in the strategy process of a marketing strategy. Using the wrong tools can hinder the target audience can lead to failure. Sticking to a plan that is organized, researched, and speaking in one voice will result in success and by speaking in one voice not only be clear to the customer, but keep will keep the companies initial promise.ReferencesApollo Group (2004). Integrated marketing communications: defining a marketing communications plan. Retrieved 12/09/07 from,

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