Define The Concept Of Social Class Identity

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Define the concept of social class identity
Social class identity is the term used when referring to the differences social classes have, such as different cultures, norms and values. This is a very difficult term to be used in order to categorise an individual as social class can be subjective or objective. The government uses the objective view, based on the based on the economical status of the individual, to be able to identify them into a social class. However, the person’s subjective sense of identity, (what they think they are), may come into conflict or slightly differ from the objective view of the society
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They tend to find their source of identity from the newer types of high-tech manufacturing industries, such as aircraft engineers, where it is more individualistic. Unlike the traditional working class, this new working class has no heightened sense of class injustices or political loyalty. They believe in putting themselves and their immediate families first before bringing in other factors such as the society and they believe in doing things for themselves rather than the collective majority or for the community. They don't use work to define who they are, but instead use their families, their lifestyles and their standard of living to define themselves. Last but not least, they have no sense of political loyalty but choose to vote for the party that they feel would benefit them and their personal financial interests whereas the traditional working- class would be voting the labour government as the labour government would be helping the majority of them, therefore creating anther sense of identity, a political identity which brought them all together.
There is also another group that has emerged from the traditional working class, that is referred to as the underclass. This class exist at the margin and border line of society. Murray (1994) and Mount (2004) note that this new form of working class identity is organised around dependency of the benefits that are handed down to them by the government. They are also called the urban underclass as they allegedly live on run- down council estates and in the depressed areas of inner cities. They normally have the characteristics as long-term unemployed and single parents, as a result of their feral attitude. They are also seen and labelled by many as criminals and chavs. Murray suggests that the culture of the underclass and its identity is one of being work-shy ( playing a deviant role in the society in terms of work), anti-authority and anti-education, immoral and welfare- dependent. It is also claimed that the children of these feral adults (in most cases teens or adolescents) are being socialised by their bad parents into a culture of idleness, failure and criminality so that they too can presume the deviant role that their parents are carrying out.

Explain the variety of middle class cultural identities that exist in the contemporary UK
The term middle class remember, is a broad term to describe non-manual work. According to Stephen Moore, the following are the key...

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