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Define Marketing Essay

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Define Marketing Paper 1

Define Marketing Paper

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Marketing is very essential for a company to succeed; this is how people learn about a product or service. A person learning about a product or service is not all that marketing does, marketing entails more than that. I will discuss my personal definition of marketing along with formal definitions with example to support my explanations.
Personal Definition
When I think of marketing I think of it as the opportunity to grab a person’s attention so that they become interested in your product or services. I think Costco has a great idea on how to grab people’s attention to sale the ...view middle of the document...

They offer reliable and dependable products people trust ranging from MAC computers, to iPods, Ipads and the accessories to go along with them. They make themselves available through there Apple stores, licensed vendors leaving access to their products simple. They keep their new and upcoming product a secret until the launch once they market their new product they begin to allow people to order in advance, this allows them to not over produce their products, and with their pricing they make it affordable for people by having the 3 different pricing brackets depending on the Gigs a person wants. The MAC computers are high in price yet people do not hesitate to purchase them because they are a credible and have a great support system you can bring any of your Apple products into the store and get them fixed they even offer loaners if needed. Many other perks like teaching you how to use your product, they listen to their customers and continue to bring new and approved products.
In our text it states that “Marketing is the performance of activities that seek to accomplish objectives by anticipating customers or client needs and directing flow of needs and directing a flow of need-satisfying goods and services from producer to customer or client”(McGraw-Hill 2011). Wal-Mart would be...

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Define Marketing Essay

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