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Defense For The Electoral College Essay

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Chapter 6 Electoral College Assignment

Explain the electoral college and its purpose as presented in the videos posted in the "Lecture and Video" tab. Do you think the electoral college is effective? Why?

Yes I do believe the Electoral College is effective.

I think the Electoral College is one of the most elegant systems in our republic. The key word here is republic and not democracy. We are not a true democracy in the sense that we are ruled by the will of the majority, but rather we are a constitutional republic that employs democratic methods. We have systems that check and balance power between the 3 branches of government, between states and the federal government and ...view middle of the document...

But it wouldn’t and is illegal for that to happen in our country because the constitution, our highest authority in our land has outlawed slavery in the 13th amendment. It would take more than the simple will of the majority of people to overturn that law. It would take congress, including those aforementioned senators, who do not equally represent the people, and a super majority of the states to overturn that.

The videos explaining the Electoral College and the problems with the Electoral College were a cynical attempt with very specious arguments. For one, he states that the electoral congress doesn’t make candidates spend time in small states before the election as people defending the college say it does. Well he’s right, but it has nothing to do with small or large states, but states that are purple or swing states. With or without an electoral college, a candidate would have to spend time right before an election that will give them the most votes in closely contested areas. He has no proof or data that without an electoral college those patterns would not change. Candidates do visit small states earlier in the election, because it does behoove them to. It just so happens that in recent elections, the pivotal swing states have been larger states and most of the smaller states are solid to semi solid in the camp of one campaign or the other. You can bet, that if an election swung on the 3 electoral votes of Wyoming, the two candidates would campaign ferociously
there. If we were to go with equal proportionment of electoral votes, Wyoming’s one vote is less important. If the Electoral College were abolished, there would be no need to directly campaign there. It’s not Wyoming’s fault that they are a small state. They have duly been given statehood and all the rights that go with it. Including a small extra 2 votes to check larger states for the election of president and equal senate representatives as California has.

The other argument he and others who oppose the college, say is that we the people do not directly vote for president. While technically true, it’s an argument based only on semantics to scare people who are ignorant of the process that their vote doesn’t count. Ask the voters in Florida if their vote counted in 2000, or Ohio voters in 2004 or voters in Illinois or West Virginia in 1960. It wasn’t delegates in the college that turned the election, IT WAS THE VOTERS!!!! The people themselves made those elections in key areas of the country very close, sometime a difference of 200 votes.

Rogue Delegates who on rare occasions vote against the will of the people in the states is so rare that it is a non-issue. It has never overturned the outcome of an election. It’s basically a ceremony to make party loyalist feel important. It’s nothing but pomp and circumstance that very few people pay attention too. It’s analogous of the Queen’s opening of parliament every year in England. She has no power...

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