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Defects Of Modern Education Essay

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Defects of modern education
A Dirty Shadow Behind The Light

It was a hot sunny day. On the night before it was raining very heavily. But the morning sun came up with a full blow. I was on my way to the college, and was about to reach the entrance of the gate when somebody called me from the back. It was one of my class mate (sorry I’ll not mention his name here). He asked me “What’s up dude?”. The moment he asked me the question, smoke came out of his mouth and covered his face. I noticed his right hand and soon I got the reason why his mouth was doing the job of a car silencer. I didn’t say anything, I just raised my hand towards him and went back to attend my classes.

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was admitted to our college. I know her parents; her father is a farmer who rents a land of 25 bighas. I know her because she is from my mother’s village. They belong to a lower middle class family. They just have enough to eat but didn’t have enough money to spend on luxury. She passed her childhood in a very pathetic condition. On her admission day her mother borrowed the required sum of money from my father. Few days ago in an afternoon, I saw that girl in one of the famous well-known park in Guwahati, where she was on a date with her boyfriend. The boy’s left hand was over her neck and was covering her chest, his right hand was between her legs and for few minutes their lips were attached with each other in a manner as if somebody had stuck them with “fevi kwik”. Most of you may feel uncomfortable after reading this line but sorry, I am just introducing you to the reality. We highly speak about women empowerment and this is how she ‘got’ empowered by coming to an educational institution. I am not against female education; I am just giving the true picture of what is going on in the present time of which the parents are not totally aware as they had failed to estimate the gap between their generation and that of their offspring. Earlier educational institutions were highly respected by the people and they occupied a very important position in the society but, now due to the advent of modernization and with the influence of westernization, not only the lifestyle but also the mindset of the present young generations have changed to a large extent. They had forgotten the actual morale of modernization. Here, I am highlighting the girl’s case because in our society girls have more to lose than boys. This indicates how women are easily targeted in a conservative society like ours.

Many parents send their children to the college so that their children can achieve the higher education which they had failed to gain during their times due to various reasons. But now studies in a college campus have become less important than intoxicants and indecent intimacy. Drugs, alcohol abuse, cigarettes, etc. has become a common picture in the scenario of the college frame, which can be easily observed, only it is required for the guardians to keep their eyes open.

Like my classmate whose face was covered with smoke in the morning and like that girl whose lips were seemed to be fixed with her boyfriend’s lips in the afternoon, similarly with every up and down of the sun innumerable amount of such cases takes place within a college campus. We can understand that in our modern society the numbers of cars are increasing every day, but can we...

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