Decribe Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, And Soical Development

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Unit 4: Development through the life stages for Health and Social Care

P1 – Describe Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social development for each of the life stages of an individual

This assignment will describe the different factors of development throughout stages of life, beginning from contraception through to the final stages of life. It will highlight the four factors like, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social development.

Conception –
This is the stage where life is made and is done so when a male sperm fertilises the female egg this normally happens in the fallopian tube after insemination at this point the fertilised egg makes it way to the uterus (womb) this is ...view middle of the document...

The first is called embryo, when the egg and sperm are multiplying to form the next stage which is called the foetal stage, after 6 months the final stage starts. This is when the baby has developed in full.

Within the first 30 days many physical developmental changes take place, such as baby’s body is taking shape, within twenty five days the head and trunk have started to develop. After eight weeks, the embryo may have grown to between 3 and 4 cm have a recognisable heartbeat and the beginnings of eyes, ears, a mouth, legs and arms. During the remaining seven months before birth, all the organs continue to develop. At around 20 weeks, the foetus will have reached about half the length of the baby at birth. At around 30 to 32 weeks the foetus will be about half its birth weight or nearly fully developed.

No intellectual activities take place in the pregnancy stage except that of the being able to recognise the voice of the mother or the father.

An emotional bond takes place between mother and unborn child through communicating with the baby from around 4 months this can give both mother and father a great bond as when baby arrives he/she will recognise the sound of their voices.

Social interaction takes place in pregnancy as baby is able to hear things as early as mother and father will talk through the walls of mothers belly in order to ease baby into interacting, by doing this with the unborn child is giving baby the knowledge of sound and communication.

Birth to infancy (0-3 Years); these forms the fundamental years
During the first three years of a baby’s life, this is where they grow in all aspects of life. After 40 weeks or there about the foetus should now be developed enough for the mother to give birth and for the baby to survive outside the mother’s womb.


0-2 months; the infant will look at you when you are talking. Their leg and arm movements seem uncoordinated, their neck muscles are weak and babies aren’t able to control the movements in their head.

3-4 months; the baby develops some control of their neck muscles and they can lift their chest when they are on their stomachs. When being put to bed, always make sure the child is on their back.

4-5 months; the child can now roll from side to back or from their back onto their side.

6-7 months; the baby is able to turn over completely.

7-8 months; the infant can pull themselves up and lower themselves down with the strength of their arms.

8-10 months; the child is able to creep on their stomach or they begin to crawl on their hands and knees.

9-11 months; the baby can walk if they are leaded, or by holding onto the furniture.

12-18 months; toddler is walking well, both forward and backwards. They are able to creep downstairs, they can get on and off a chair, and they can throw a ball without being balance.

18-60 months; the child can alternate feet when they are climbing the stairs, they are able to ride a tricycle...

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