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Decreasing Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

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Decreasing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace


Sexual harassment in the workplace is a very serious issue. Not only does it creates an unsafe environment for the victim but also violates Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. According to the International Labour Office, a survey was done on February 2007 which shows that nearly 25% of the workers interviewed experienced sexual harassment with one-third of them men (Sexual Harassment). The report explores what sexual harassment is and provides possible ways to decrease sexual harassment in the workplace.
The Canadian Supreme Court created the first legislation regarding discrimination based on sex on ...view middle of the document...

The report will explore the types of sexual harassment, the effects of sexual harassment to the victim and to the organization, the possible causes of it, the reasons why some of the cases are unreported and the procedures need to be taken when sexual harassment has occurred,.
Scope of the Report
The report explores different aspects of sexual harassment in the workplace. These include the following:
* Definition and examples of sexual harassment
* Types of sexual harassment at the workplace
* Causes and effects of sexual harassment to the victim and the organization
* Procedures to be taken when sexual harassment occurs
* Different laws concerning sexual harassment
Limitations of the Report
There have been numerous articles, books, videos and other resources regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. They were more than enough and there was not enough time to read all of them. Only chosen resources that contain highly significant information were used for the report. Moreover, harassment could be in other forms and could occur almost everywhere. Since it is a broad topic, the report only focuses on sexual harassment that occurs in the workplace and on the two types of sexual harassment namely hostile environment and quid pro quo.
Significance of the Report
Increasing one’s knowledge about sexual harassment is a crucial step in preventing it to happen to one’s self. Through the report, readers will be more aware that sexual harassment does exist at workplaces, which has tremendous effect to both the victim and the organization. Most importantly, readers will know ways to prevent it or ways to better cope up and to avoid it from happening again. This new learning will not just benefit the readers but, if shared, could also help other people.
Research Methods
A phone interview has been conducted with Dianna Graves, the Executive Director of Sexual Assault Services of Saskatchewan, regarding the causes and effects of sexual harassment and the reasons why some victims prefer to not report the case. More information has been gathered from different books and online websites including the following:
* Unmasking Sexual Harassment in the Workplace by Samson Mutsagondo
* Women in Business by Martha Reeves
Definition of Terms
The following terms are used in the report:
* Sexual harassment is defined by Canadian Public Health Association as “any unwanted and unwelcome behaviour about sex or gender that interferes with a person’s life and makes him/her feel uncomfortable, even if the harasser says he/she was only joking” (Definitions).
* A workplace is defined by the Occupational Health and Safety Act as “any land, premises, location or thing at, upon, in or near which a worker works” (Section 1).

The Findings

Sexual harassment could happen almost anywhere. It could occur at school, at work or even...

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