Decreasing Health Disparity In The Hispanic Community

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Decreasing health disparity in the Hispanic community
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Decreasing health disparity in the Hispanic community
About 36.6% of the population in the U.S belong to or identifies as one of the 5 ethnic minority groups. These groups are Native Hawaiian, Hispanic or Latino, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, African American or Black, or Pacific Islander. The U.S has the most expensive health care system in the world yet many of these minority groups are worse off in regards to socioeconomic and health care status if compared to white Americans. It is plain to see this health disparity when some communities have ...view middle of the document...

Hispanic people are often affected by a lack of health equity and health disparity which exists today in the U.S. Health disparity is a type of difference in health due to social, economic and environmental disadvantages. This usually affects people who have steadily experienced greater obstacles to health care based on their ethnic group. Health equity is defined by health people 2020 as attaining the highest level of health for all people. This means that all people, regardless of ethnicity are viewed equally and that there are focused, ongoing efforts to tackle inequalities and therefore reduce if not eliminate health care disparities. ("Healthy People, 2020," 2015)

There are many factors that can contribute to better health, a good quality education, healthy food, decent housing, affordable transportation (public and private), and a health care service that is sensitive to the diverse culture that we live in, medical insurance, clean water and air. Along with these factors appropriate preventative health care education and screening will serve to improve overall health among all ethnic groups. Health promotion for Hispanics needs to be culturally relevant to the specific community. Not all Hispanic communities are the same and should not be seen as the same. It is important to get to know the target community and know the people you are serving. Start with the people and work your way out. It is vital to have a health promotional program that incorporates sound scientific data and information with cultural specifics.(Nickens, 1991, p. 21-30)
The leading cause of death in the Hispanic population is
1. Cancer
2. Heart disease
3. Unintentional injury
4. Stroke
5. Diabetes
6. Chronic liver disease/ cirrhosis
7. Chronic lower respiratory disease
8. Alzheimer’s disease
9. nephritis, nephritic syndrome,nephrosis
10. influenza/pneumonia
In an approach to health promotion and the prevention of diseases that affect the Hispanic community disproportionately we can look at prevention in 3 levels, primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary prevention would be preventing a disease or injury before it occurs. This could be done with the use of education and legislation on safety and health practices. Secondary prevention would be reducing the...

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