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Declaration Of Independence Essay

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Good morning everyone. Today my group and I stand in front of you today to speak about the Declaration of Independence. Now Im sure you all know what it is but after doing research on this topic I’m happy to share information with you all that you probably haven’t heard before. What I want you all to take away from this presentation is what the document stands for, and what sacrifices were made by the people who put a signature on that document to give us a better life today, for they risked not only their lives but their families lives as well….
Problems between America and Great Britain had been in the making for some time prior to 1776, when our declaration was declared. King George III had been accustomed to taking advantage of the colonies, and people were beginning to get extremely dissatisfied and upset. Incidents such as the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea party were some of the actions taken by Americans to show their unhappiness with the English Parliament, and were in ...view middle of the document...

I am not going to read the whole introduction, but what I am going to read to you is the self evident truths, which is in the second sentence and and the basic freedoms that this nation strived to embody.
That all men are created equal
That they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights
That among these are life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness
now the reason I asked you all what makes you happy is to give you more insight on what made people happy in 1776. Happiness meant that the individual had freedom to use their time, talent and resources to pursue directions in life they believed would bring them the most satisfaction, and would benefit their families and future generations, basically, freedom of opportunity. Very different than how we use the term happiness today.
This isn’t just a document that was signed and passed along and boom we had freedom. When the final draft was submitted it was understood that all 13 colonies had to accept the document to cast its independence, and they should expect a great expense of blood. I read an interesting story that said Delaware had 3 representatives, so they needed 3 votes from their delegates. One of the delegates voted yes, and one voted no, so word was sent that the third needed to be there to swing the vote. The 48 year old delegate named Ceaser Rodney rode all night long for 80 miles to Philedelphia in a thunderstorm to get to the convention in time to cast his vote for independence. Some references say he showed up to Independence Hall tired with muddy boots but lets just keep in mind there were no cars or planes so I wouldn’t doubt it.
Finally, on July 4th, the declaration was adopted. The document was distributed with 2 signatures from John Hancock (president of Congress) and Charles Thompson(secretary ). When the document was made official, it was said that all the members of congress should sign it, son on August 2nd, 56 signatures were on that document.
Its not just the sole document that is important, its the feelings and beliefs of a group of people speaking for the whole nation.

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