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Decisions in Paradise Paper
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MGT 350/Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making
August 17, 2009

Critical Thinking in Decision Making: Business Ideas

Bill Gates once remarked that he approached business ideas by looking at it through a range of positions: certifying, authorizing, and modifying ---- as he would any of his software programs. The solution, is putting together a personal viewpoint that is conversant by decision-making strategies. A organization then is in essence a dilemma awaiting to be unraveled so it can be put into practice correctly. Recognizing and assessing options is what decision-making is in relation to. In our everyday life, ...view middle of the document...

His proposal incorporates these basic premises towards marketing. First, he wants to use the fact that Kava is a tourist destination. Hence, he proposes to Toyota not just to market to the residents of Kava but to use Kava as a platform to introduce Toyota to the Tourists who visit to translate to revenue even if they do not buy their Toyota vehicles in Kava. For this he proposes a tie-in with the hotels in Kava providing them with hybrid cars to use as ‘hotel cars’ available for rent by tourists. In addition, he proposes Toyota-sponsored events that promote sustainable tourism in Kava, for example, the annual traditional boat race. To deepen the experience of the tourist in understanding Kava culture, Toyota will sponsor local boat teams as well as sponsor tourists who wish to join the local ‘teams’ in terms of training. Being, the largest annual event, he hopes that Toyota being present would create a presence that would enable tourists and locals’ notice. He proposes that on these events, the marketing will draw on sustainability of tourism and preservation of nature cross-referencing this to Toyota’s low-impact hybrids with zero emissions. Leaflets and programs on Toyota Products are made available in all participating hotels. Tourists who are interested to buy Toyota products can register with Kava’s Toyota Dealership and an arrangement is made with the Toyota dealerships close to the tourists’ hometown. When a purchase happens, the sale is awarded by Toyota to the Kava dealership who in turn sales profits with the dealership that would deliver to the purchaser’s home. In addition, Kava’s Toyota Dealership to Kava’s Ministry of Culture, the agency overseeing traditional events like the boat race to help keep Kava traditions alive, will donate part of the profit.
The second part of his proposal relates to preservation of Kava’s tranquil destinations and non-congested roads. He proposes that Toyota initiate a ‘trade-in’ program in which residence can trade in their cars for a Toyota Hybrid. To deal with the bought-back Toyota & non-Toyota vehicles, he proposes an agreement with a second-hand car dealership that resells in less developed neighboring islands to make transportation available for them too.
Alex’s Reaction: A Critical Analysis

Alex as Toyota’s marketing manager in Kava knew right away the merits of Nik’s proposal, and the difficulty that it entails. The latest concerns of his group center on the idea of sustainability and bought tourism-focused marketing and the buy-back program can solve this. The logistics however, seem quite challenging. While Alex can authorize local sponsorships and...

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