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Decisions In Paradise Part 3 Essay

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Problems Formulation and Identification
Problem identification and formulation is the most critical element of the decision-making process. Problems defined as perceived gaps between an existing state and the desired state, a deviation from the norm, status quo or set standard; difficulties arise when the solution to mend the deviation is not clear.
Problem Formulation
Widely known, is a well formulated problem is a problem nearly solved. Breaking up a complex and unclear situation into a set of individual, well-defined problems is vital to finding solutions, (Problem Formulation, 2005).
An activity aimed at identifying a problem by specifying the undesirable and ...view middle of the document...

Collaborative Model
When a problem arises at one of the above businesses, all stakeholders, consulted. A problem statement, formulated for the stakeholders, defining the ideal scenario, and the goals of the company. Next, the current state of affairs articulated, and the reality of the current state defined. The consequences of inaction on the stakeholder’s behalf explained and what could happen in the future. Needed resources and researched solutions explained and discussed by stakeholders to reach a solution to rectify the problem. All members of the partnership consulted, and a collaborative decision reached. In the glass company example, all management team members collaborate to formulate plans and schedules how to accomplish goals. The collaborative style is an excellent way to work issues out because people have different skill sets and are more creative in certain areas than others. The disadvantage is some managers have not found their voice as of yet and many creative solutions are lost.
The University of West Florida has many departments; each department uses a different style of identification formulation. The frontline managers and their supervisors all use collaborative style decision making. In the past most of the decision-making process was that of autocratic and consultative; however, within the past 10 year’s most in middle and lower-level management have begin to use decision-making styles that incorporates more flexibility and not a one-fits-all solution. Incorporating collaborative style decision-making is not without turbulence within the building service department because the group is so large many times a member of the group does not agree. The negative aspect of using the collaborative decision-making style is its complexity within a large group and not enough time to apply some of the steps because of emergencies. The positive aspect of using the collaborative decision in building services is it gains the commitment of the employees because they can buy into a decision that they themselves help to make. Using collaborative decision is also positive because managers have a clearer definition of the problem and the resources needed to find a solution.
Consultative Model
Consultative style defined as: a process in which the views of all stakeholders (or their representatives) are...

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