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Decisions In Paradise 2 Essay

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Decisions in paradise part 2

MGT/350 the university of phoenix Darnell Williams January 30, 2010

Professor Hann So


Decision making is an important process and included various aspects, which in turn assist the organization to effectively analyze various alternatives and implement them in an effective manner (Decision Making, n.d.). The process of decision making is influenced by different factors such as personal behaviour, technological, political, economical and social factors. This process consist ...view middle of the document...

For analyzing Kava as a next destination of the company, we need to apply the selected decision making technique so that probable problems and their solutions can be discovered along with a final decision.

Subsequent are the various steps that can be utilized for applying rational decision making technique for making final decisions regarding expansion in Kava:

1. Identification of Objectives: The first and the foremost step in this technique are to identify the objectives that an organization wants to achieve. In this case the objective of organization is to extend its business in Kava. This is the only prominent objective of the organization and apart from this the other objectives of organization is to identify the effectual means of doing the business in Kava, so that the opportunity of cheap resources and quality labor can be capitalized in the optimal manner.

2. Identification of resources and constraints: Subsequently we will identify the resources available in the Kava, which can be utilized by our organization like cheap labor along with an analysis of constraints like recurring disasters. This information is essential as it will assist us in generating alternative solutions.

3. Generating Alternative Solutions: Subsequent to the identification of resources and constraints, the next step is to generate alternative solutions through which the organization can attain its objectives. Following are the various alternative ways that can be used by organization for attaining its objectives in Kava:

• Disaster management: It denotes to the planning for disaster so that recurring disasters of the island can be managed effectively in future. It includes an assortment of instruments and techniques to detect the tsunami waves and other related factors so that some precautionary measures can be taken in a timely manner.

• Expand a corporate image: It concerns...

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