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Decisions Essay

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Discussion making is something very important for human lives, we have two type of decisions meaningful or mindless, sometimes human makes mindless decisions that can cause damages to our and others lives. The theory of decision making is based on rational decision maker, and all our poor choices or decisions are irrational behaviors. Sometimes the pressure will make us to get mindless decisions.
I had my Ante was suffering with lung cancer for more than four years, the doctors gave her from 6 to 7 years to live, she start doing chemotherapy, after the first session of the chemotherapy the doctors said that she is getting better day after day, but my ante wasn’t feeling ...view middle of the document...

Her doctor informed her that the surgery can spread the cancer in her body and she can die, she didn’t listen to her doctor and she got her decision and did the surgery, after a moth she went back to the doctor and unfortunately her cancer was spreading in her body and passed away after three months.
If she listened to us or to her doctor maybe until now she will be alive since her cancer was getting small day by day, the doctor knew what it was going to happen to her but my ante was a selfish and didn’t listen to anyone and she got her mindless decision just to get over with her pain and she didn’t think about others pain how much it was going to be after they lose her. We tried to understand why she got quick and bad decision, we know that she was feeling shamed, depressed, painful and tiered from the situation, but if she was thinking healthy maybe she would be alive until now. After this situation almost all of my family starts thinking more when we are going to make any decision and we won’t be selfish. I know some times selfishness is good but not always.
Until this day, if I’m going to make any decision I will think 100 times before making it, I will think what can happen to me and then what can happen to others.

Example about selfishness by Lewis M.
Cancer Patients Are Selfish And Un-American (And Jesus & God Think So Too!)
(Turnes B. N.D., para2)Emotions, What causes us to make bad decisions?

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