Decision Support Systems And Business Intelligence: An Overview

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Decision support systems and Business Intelligence: an overview


Course introduction 1–3
Module one objectives 1–3
Use of Study Guide 1–3
Suggested study schedule 1–4
Readings 1–4
Changing business environments and computerised decision support 1–4
Managerial decision-making 1–5
Computerised support for decision making: systems and technologies 1–5
The systems 1–5
The technologies 1–5
A framework for decision support 1–6
Management science 1–6
Concept of decision support systems & business intelligence 1–7
DSS – BI connection 1–7
Course plan and themes 1–7
Conclusion 1–8

Course introduction

This first module aims to provide an ...view middle of the document...

Use of Study Guide

These notes are meant as your guide in setting a study schedule and in highlighting the topics on which to focus. It is expected that you have the prescribed textbook and suggested readings.

The aim of the guide is to provide an outline of the reading required, a commentary on the material to be covered, extra reading material where appropriate and some review exercises. Use the notes as a guide and read them in conjunction with the texts. They are meant to be read together.

These notes are designed to complement, not replace, the set texts and readings supplied. They sometimes supplement the text, expand upon it, and in rare cases correct it. Where possible though, we rely on the text book and readings to provide the substance of the study material. The different modules therefore take a different approach depending on the objective and the availability of published material.

Throughout these notes reference is given to the relevant chapter in the prescribed textbook - Turban, Sharda & Delen (2011) and often to particular figures and tables. Use the section headings and the contents pages as a guide to the relevant parts of the text.

The textbook is very rich in review material at the end of each chapter. Use the review questions in conjunction with these notes to guide your second reading.

The modules then are your guide to study. They will provide guidance in the form of what to read and the order to read various references; they will compare material from different sources, and they will provide guidance in the selection of review exercises.

Suggested study schedule

|Suggested study time |Study Guide |0.5 hour |
| |Readings |4.5 hours |
| |Activities |2 hours |
| |Total |7 hours |


Textbook Turban, Sharda & Delen 2011 (Turban et al. 2011 from here on), Ch. 1

Changing business environments and computerised decision support

Textbook Turban et al. 2011, Section 1.2
Ch. 1, pp. 5-7

This section introduces us to the changing business environment, the factors responsible for the change, how organisations are responding to the changes and the role computerised decision support systems play in organisations nowadays. This relationship is depicted in Figure 1.1. Table 1.1 lists the factors that create pressure on organisations as a result of changing business environment.

Managerial decision-making

Textbook Turban et al. 2011, Section 1.3
Ch. 1, pp. 7-9

Building upon Section 1.2, this section reviews the nature of managerial work with emphasis on decision-making. Before delving into how BI and DSS support...

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