Decision Support System Essay

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Decision Support System

DSS Development
1. General idea of design and development process approaches:
a. Traditional systems analysis and design, SDLC approach.
b. An iterative, speedy prototyping
c. Managers can develop their own personal DSS
2. Investigate alternative designs along with the development process approaches
a. Building effective DSS is important matter
b. Choose an approach that increases the chances of benefits of DSS
c. Building a DSS is a difficult task since different employees have different job
responsibilities and take different decisions.
3. Decision oriented Design Approach
a. Pre design description and diagnosis of decision making functions
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A Rapid prototyping approach
10. Step in SDLC Approach
a. Confirm user requirement
b. Systems Analysis
c. System Design
d. Programming
e. Testing
f. Implementation
g. Use and evaluation
11. SDLC major concerns
a. Project plans must be carefully prepared
b. Determine the needs of the potential users
c. Identify the outputs that accomplish those needs
d. User Requirements agreed upon the first stage of the process are hard to change
12. Steps in rapid prototyping process
a. Identify user requirement
b. Develop a first iteration DSS prototype
c. Evolve and modify the next DSS prototype

Decision Support System

d. Test and return to step 3 if needed
e. Full Scale implementation
13. How is a prototype developed?
a. Analyst develops a prototype
b. Users use the prototype and react
c. Missing features are added later
d. Once approved the prototype is expanded
e. Rapid application development
14. End – User DSS Development
a. Puts the responsibility of building and managing a DSS on the manager who built
b. Advantages:
i. Fast
ii. Lower Cost
iii. Person who wants computer support will be involved in building it.
15. End User Development Concerns:
a. End users may select an inappropriate software product
b. Errors during end user DSS Development are common
c. Unnecessary databases are sometimes developed by the end user for their DSS.
d. Databases maybe badly constructed difficult to maintain
16. DSS Project Management:
a. Assign DSS Project Manager
b. Tasks include diagnosis, feasibility study and the scope of the project
c. The larger the scope of the project the vital is to receive widespread agreement
and sponsorship of the project.
17. DSS Project Management:
a. Once the project is approved then a methodology and project plan needs to be
b. In House development and technical tools need to be resolved
c. Deliverables are important for monitoring the progress of the project
d. Some large scale DSS are built with teams of 2-3 people or with larger group of
10 or more.
e. 1-2 people may work on a prototype.

Decision Support System

18. DSS Project participants:
a. DSS Project Manager
b. Executive Sponsor
c. Potential DSS Users
d. Technical Support Staff
e. Data Quality Analyst
19. Matching DSS and development approaches:
a. Model Driven and knowledge driven built using rapid prototyping
b. Data Driven and document driven built using SDLC
c. Communication Driven and Group DSS first purchased then installed.
20. Systems Development cycle:
a. Phases:
i. Planning
ii. Analysis
iii. Design
iv. Implementation
b. Cyclical
c. Can return to other phase
21. Tools Portion
a. Computer aided software design tools
i. Upper CASE: Creates systems diagrams
ii. Lower CASE: Manages diagrams and code
iii. Integrated CASE: Combination
b. RAD Design tools
i. UML Modeling
ii. Analysis and design software
iii. Code debugging methods
c. Testing and quality assurance tools

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