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Decision Making Models Essay

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Success as a manager is dependent upon good decision-making skills. To introduce my paper I will focus on consequential decision-making and systematic decision-making as two models of decision-making. I then will discuss a recent job related decision using one of these decision models and I will show how critical thinking impacted the decision. Good decision-making skills help to set a framework from which today's manager manages, motivates, and rewards his or her employees in an effort to get a job done well.The consequential decision-making model employees the principle of listing pros and cons for which a manager will use to arrive at a decision. This is done typically when a manager must ...view middle of the document...

The second step for the manager would then be to specify his or her objectives. This step is important in identifying what the manager wants to accomplish as this will ultimately impact the final decision. Thirdly the manager must identify what the alternatives to the problem or creation of opportunity for the organization are. The biggest challenge a manager will face is identifying clearly and concisely the objectives for making a decision from. At this stage the manager would focus on a set of possible solutions to his or her problem or growth opportunity from which the objective identified in step two can be satisfied. Forth step would be evaluating any consequences which are created in choosing a specific alternative. Here is where the manager lays out his or her objectives and what alternatives he or she might have available to make a lasting decision from. Lastly, the fifth step would be for the manager to identify what the tradeoffs are (Akridge & Foltz, 2005). Many business decisions involve trade offs so the decision-making process including the trade offs is of extreme importance to the business manager. Since the systematic decision-making model employees a few more steps than consequential decision-making, naturally managers can infer this model would take more time to move through, potentially more resources, but the pay off for longer term growth is greater.A recent job related decision which I used one of these models would be the systematic decision-making model. I returned to the office after attending a recent industry seminar quite energized by ideas which were generated from attending demonstrations related to our membership database. The demonstrations focused on two modules which would support our membership database. These demonstrations focused on a...

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