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Decision Making Is The Process Of Choosing One Alternative From Among Two Or More Alternatives

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Chapter 8
Decision making is the process of choosing one alternative from among two or more alternatives. Ideally the alternatives chosen are the best or at least the optimum alternative available. A change leader’s decisions will typically be evaluated based on results but this is not always the best way. It is also wise to evaluate the process used in making a decision. A problem is the condition that exists when there is a discrepancy or a potential discrepancy between what is desired and what exists. Problems have the following characteristics; degree of structure, organizational level, and urgency. Crisis problems require immediate attention and force decision makers to react. Routine ...view middle of the document...

Execution involves such tasks and techniques as establishing expectations, assigning responsibility, establishing accountability, allocation resource, identifying and overcoming inhibitors, monitoring progress, flexibly adapting as necessary, and following through. Factor that often undermines the effective execution of change plans is called dirty hands syndrome. It is manifests itself in reluctance on the part of change leaders to step outside of the safe and comfortable intellectualism of planning and get their hands sorting through the often messy details of execution.
People in technology companies who will be responsible for executing parts of the change plan need a blueprint that transforms their assignments into operational terms. A roadblock analysis involves examining the change plan thoroughly and objectively and asking the following questions: what factors might inhibit our efforts to complete this project fully; correctly and on time? Do we have the resources to complete the project fully, correctly, on time? Do we have the expertise to complete this project fully, completely, and on time? Are there existing habits, procedures or informal ways of doing things that will inhibit our carrying out this project? By monitoring progress daily, management personnel can help those with...

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