Decision Making In The Work Place

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Decision- Making In the Workplace
Felita Alexander
October 14, 2012
Emily Gruendler

In this paper it discusses how a group of nursing home administrators and an infection control officer has to come together and chose and try to make decisions together and try to bring down the infection rate in the nursing home. Nursing home administrators may have patient care or services duties. Some are involved in teaching, research, or other professional activities. These are the duties of nursing home administrators in which they all work together to come up with a decision and how they care for patients in the ...view middle of the document...

These laboratories can help develop the organisms involved and also which location in the building where there is isolation of the organism. In order to service education the facility has to learn how to gather data and compile it by the help of the laboratory. It is up to the manager to make sure that the administrators have the correct training and know how to deal with the type of infection that is going on in the facility. The manager should use the approach to let the administrators know what’s going on in the facility and to know what’s the guidelines, and precautions to take in the nursing home. This is where the infection control officer, administrators, and others come together to find out what is causing the infection rate to go up in the nursing home.
Another approach managers can use to help reduce infection is by following the correct procedure to wash your hand after working in an infected environment. It is manages duty to make sure that everything is sterile in the environment so you can reduce the spread of bacteria or germs from one person to the other. By using this approach it will cut back on the germs in the nursing home. It will help to reduce the high rates of infection to lower them, but managers need to use this approach until the rates is lowered and keep the infection officer notified of the changes that is occurring in the nursing home and follow government guidelines. This is where the infection officer and administrators put...

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