Decision Making In Paradise Part Ii

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Nana Offei
University of phoenix
Mgt/350 Decision in paradise paper two
Professor Michael Caserta
January 17, 2011

Decision in paradise part two
The Island of kava has many obstacles up until to prevail over deep-sea queen need to work with the Kava administration to Identify proper procedures to have occurred in the recovery effort as well as provide first aid. Foodstuff and protection to all citizens I need will become a major investor in the rebuilding effort and work with government official on a reconstruction plan. In this plan, the subject to identify is specific problem areas and provides an outlet for development and proactive warning mechanism against future nature ...view middle of the document...

This includes the technique of identify strengths, weakness, opportunity, and threats to help providing solution. Both models need to examine the current situation as well as environmental issues in Kava. The most significant problem in kava is to educate their citizen in AIDS/HIV consciousness as well as providing a media mean for general education in learning institutions.
A majority of the population is young and probably seeking basic education as well as knowledge of the world that surrounding them. The local government appears to be paying attention in humanizing the quality of life for its citizens and the corporation can help in this objective. That objective is obtainable with appropriate solution implement over a period may perhaps make sense to the stakeholders concerned, the company major assignment and requires extensive problem classification to rebuilding Kava to fulfill with safety and principles that influence the quality of life for all Islands.
Decision-making technique
The management team for Aeropostale has a mission to provide the Island with quality clothing and jobs opportunities that will inject financial gain for the community of Kava. There are five steps to making effective decisions that Aeropostale will use to find solution, these are create a constrictive environment, People of Kava will rebuild through the generous donation of caring individuals as well as the help from the large organization.
Decision-making can broadly categorizes as define the situation, generate alternatives, Information gathering, selection, Action taking although all this steps are important for...

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