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The paper examined what the concept of decision and decision making is. It looked into the various components of decision making and its characteristics in all organization including the school system. It also focused on the various types of decision ranging from personal, organizational etc. The various people involved in making decisions in the educational system was also looked into and the various steps in the decision making process. Decision making also had various limitation and constraints which the study also looked into.

Decision means to achieve some result or to solve some problems. It should be thought as means rather than ends as they are the ...view middle of the document...

Implicit in the changing role of the administrator is a centralization of decision making responsibility and authority.
Decision making is the element of the administrative process that links the past where the problem of administration develops and information accumulates, bringing about an awareness of the need with the present, where decisions are made about the best alternatives to select in problem solving and thus leads to the future where decisions are implemented and evaluated to see how effective they are in solving the problem. It can also be said to be the act of determining a course of action following a more or less deliberate consideration of often competing alternatives. According to James Stoner, decision making is the process of identifying and selecting a course of action to solve a specific problem. Trewartha and Newport also defined decision making to involve the selection of a course of action from among two or more possible alternatives in order to arrive at a solution for a given problem.
Decision is an essential aspect and the primary function of modern management. A manager or an administrator major job is sound/rational decision making because he makes hundreds of them consciously and subconsciously. Decisions are important as they determine both management and organization actions as it represents a well-balanced judgement and a commitment to action. Decision making is a first important function of management and is a continuous process as means and ends are linked together through decision making. According to Peter Drucker, whatever a manager does, he does it through decision making that is he has to take a decision before acting or before preparing a plan for execution. Moreover his ability is often judged by the quality of decisions he takes.
It is clearly noted that decision making is necessary in planning, organizing, directing, controlling, staffing etc. In planning alternative plans are prepared to meet different possible situation and out of such alternative, the best one/plan is being selected which suggest that decision making is important in planning. Also decisions are to be taken while performing other functions of management such as organizing, directing, staffing etc and other process of management. This clearly suggests that after decision making which is the first function of management is followed by planning and other elements.
Decision making in all has three major components which are
1. Alternative- Decision making involves having various options and from which the best and most suitable alternative will be selected.
2. Choice – Decision making involves a choice, it means to choose from the best solution to solve the problem at hand.
3. Objective of problem –Decision making is objective oriented. It is done to achieve an objective or solve a problem.
Decision making is sine qua non to educational administration because a school like all formal organization is basically a...

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