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Decision Making Essay

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Decision Making
People are faced with certain situations in their lives where they need to make decisions (Deepa, Kartha). Decisions are defined as a process of choosing a course of action to deal with a problem or opportunity (Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, and Uhl-Bien; 2010). Decision making is not something that people need to take lightly; these decisions will affect a person for the rest of his or her life.
Steps to Decision Making
When making decisions people can follow five steps that will help in the process of making the final decision. The steps are recognizing and defining the problem or opportunity, analyze alternatives, make a choice, take action, and evaluate the results ...view middle of the document...

After developing alternatives the next step is making a choice or decision (Deepa, Kartha). After you have looked at the options it is time to make a decision. When making a decision you may have to sometimes combine solutions to come up with the right decision (Deepa, Kartha). After looking at the options I have decided that losing the little amount I would is worth the stress I would be losing. I will be taking a loss, the loss was not one that would have a big impact on my finances, family, or me. With going to school and working I needed less stress in my life and changing jobs was one way to do that.
Since I have decided to change job it is time to implement it. Implementing the decision is the next step to in proper decision making (Deepa, Kartha). To implement my decision I gave my two-week notice to my employer, and accepted the new job. The last step is evaluating the decision that was made to see how it is working (Deepa, Kartha). To evaluate my decision I looked back at how happy I am today, compared to how unhappy I was at my previous job. I also look at how much more time I have with my family and how much more time I have for school. I am less stressed and life is better, I am enjoying life more since I am happier. So In the end I guess I made the right decisions, a decision I could not have made if I had not followed these steps.
Talking to Coworkers
Not only did I follow the five steps to decision making I also asked my coworkers for advice on what they would do if they were in the same situation. Many of my coworkers said they were as unhappy as I was at the daycare. I asked a few coworkers what they would do if they were in the save situation I was in. What would they do if they were offered a job in a career field that they worked in the past and enjoyed, but it was a loss of some pay? Some of them said they would take the new position; the loss of pay was worth more than the stress and unhappiness that occurs at the current job. Money does not make happiness; sometimes less money can make you happier. Others said that no matter how much they enjoyed the work they needed the money more so they could not accept the new job. No matter how much they did not like the current job they needed the money and could not leave.
Strengths and Weaknesses
After talking to coworkers and doing my five steps, I made my decision. The strengths of my decision approach are I did not make my decision to fast; I took the time to weigh the pros and cons of taking the new job. How the new position would not only affect me but also my family. Can my family afford to take this pay cut or would my family and I be hurting to much? This decision was not only about me but also my family. Another strength was I could think and know my options, I was well informed and made a decision I was happy with. There are also some weaknesses to my decision process; I almost lost the new position because I took a few days to think about what was the...

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