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Decision Making Essay

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Part 1
Executive Summary:
This document summarizes the analysis of the three machine types used for manufacturing of small metallic parts. This report uses the data provided for 116 observations made for these machine types. Please note that the data used in analysis is for a single day and thus there is only a single observation for each machine press. This report assumes that observation to be representative of the daily performance of that press. From the analysis in the following pages, the below are the findings of this report.

* Machine type 2 is lowest in terms of performance and requires immediate attention. It is observed in the analysis that none of the observations of this ...view middle of the document...

* Machine Types where almost all machines are not performing need to be checked for common factors such as quality of inputs. Machine Types where some machines are performing need to be investigated individually to identity why some machines are able to give better results.

* Huge downtimes and irregular shift cycles also need to be investigated to understand the fluctuations. Is it because of issue with the machines or is there a bottleneck step just before this process.

* Since Machine Type 3 is able to achieve the target on average, can this machine type be better used to produce more quantity than it does in present times? Could the load across machines be balanced better?

The following sections of this report will examine in detail each machine type and analyse its performance.

Machine Type 1 Analysis:

Machine type 1 has a target production rate of 700 PPM. Based on the 28 observations provided, below is the analysis.

Analysis of PPM:
From the statistics, it is seen that the mean (639.09) is 91.28% of the target (700). However, looking at actual data, it is seen that only 2 out of 28 machines (machine no 17 & 27) achieve production rate more than the set target. Using standard deviation, it is seen that 21 out of 28 observation lie within 1 standard deviation (578.61 - 699.57) from the mean. This is 75% of the data. Thus it can be said that data is spread out and not entirely concentrated around the mean.

Analysing the Box Plot for machine type 1, it is seen that there is a mild outlier to the left (machine 10 with PPM 458). This outlier is removed and statistics are calculated again to see if the outlier has any significant effect on the mean and the median.

From the updated statistics, after removing the outliers, it is seen that there is no significant difference in the mean. This shows that the all machines are underperforming in general.

Analysis of Shift Cycles & Working Hours:
From the data provided, it is seen that the average shift time for Machine Type 1 is 7.72 hrs compared to the 7.75 hours of shift cycle that is required. The average is low as 9 out of the 28 machines are not adhering to the shift cycle. The lowest shift cycle is for machine 1 which is 7.57 hrs. Machine Type 1 works for an average of 6.76 hrs.

From the above analysis, it is seen that Machine Type 1 are generally not performing up to the mark. However, it is also true that there is no consistency between different observations and performance is distributed over a wide range. The huge difference between the best and the worse performing machine indicates that there is no common reason driving the performance. It can be assumed from the above that conditions of different machines is at different level and maintenance may be required for some of the machines to pull the average production above the target.

Machine Type 2 Analysis:
Machine type 2 has a target production rate of 200 PPM. Based on...

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