Decision In Paradise Essay

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Decisions in Paradise 1
Carolyn Joseph
University of Phoenix
Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making
Orlando Santana
July 29, 2010

Decisions in Paradise 1
The New Beginning
Nik Joseph a soon to be college graduate interviewed and landed a job of a lifetime. His decision was made under uncertainty because consequences occur in the in the failure and thus depend not only on the decisions makers choice (2008). He would be an assistant to the director of strategic planning of a large investment company, Grand Bahamas Industries. This company is located in the Bahamas, China, Canada, Mexico, and St. Thomas, and all over the ...view middle of the document...

There were no more beautiful beaches with clean sand or tropical breeze. Nix began to wonder if the decision he made was the correct decision, and how he would survive such a disaster.
Nix had shifted his expectation and now was open for more disappointments. Arriving at the company trailer, he met a gentleman that he assumes to be the companies receptionist. To his surprise this was his boss Alex, the company’s strategic planner. Not only was Alex not what he expected but also the office was a total mess. Nix began wondering once again was excepting this job the right decision for him. Most of the points we made about decision-making also can be made about problem solving (Paul, Elder 2006). Nix’s critical decision was base on false hope. Lack of employees Alex had to take on many roles, and the help he would receive from Nix was well welcome.
Company’s Mission
Alex explains the company’s mission, and the reason they were chosen by the Grand Bahamas Industries to locate on the Island of Kava. G.B.I was guided by the need to outsource many of the companies trying to move into Kava. They have maintained a lower cost of labor. The laborers will be trained on maintenance and necessary machinery. The government invites foreign countries to in to invest, and help with restructuring of the island. G.B.I has also bid on the contact to expand their business and hire additional staff to handle the day -to -day operations of the company. G.B.I maintains a high- level of honesty and strives to work very closely with the government and the people o provides safety, security, education, and medical treatment. By supplying the people of Kava with the necessities to improve life they will also help to give social emotional, educational, and economic support.
The Natives
The 50% of Kava’s population is 15 and younger. The population life span is very short because millions continue to lose their lives to the various disasters that continue to attack the island. The island is overwhelmed with various religions Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and others creating many problems. With lack of experience, poor education they have no working skills. Many stricken disasters on the island, the different languages, English, Spanish, French, and Chinese can only be a problem because the natives cannot to communicate properly creating barriers and mistrust.
Kava Lost
Kava had many to offer before the natural disasters, it is in the hands of G.B. Industries to create such an environment many will want to vacation on the island. This will take hard work and dedication, Kava’s natives have express this is their desire.
In this paper Nix had a critical decision to make, and he went on his perception and took the job. He later discovers the island of Kava was not the paradise he perceives it to be. With many natural disasters the island had lost its beauty and the people on the island had suffered tremendously. Nix, Alex and the Grand Bahamas industries is...

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