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Decision In Paradise 1 Essay

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Business Critical Thinking Application Paper

Critical Thinking Application Paper
h , 2011

Critical thinking requires one to have strong commands of the fundamentals of discipline. There is the art of reasoning, which is to present reasoning supporting of a conclusion. There’s also the critical thinking application, in which the critical thinker applies reasons, judgments, and questions. All the while they are presenting positions clearly and honestly and a good a critical thinker teaches other what they know.

Critical Thinking Application Paper
Critical Thinking
Critical thinking means to me is the thought process about any subject, content, issues ...view middle of the document...

The critical thinking is not only important but to the individual, but it also benefits individual.
I use critical thinking every day in my job and it seems that I use it all day in everything I do pertaining to my work. I work with everything from tools to explosives and everything in between. I work as a manager in a logistics organization that handles everything required to process, fly, and safely land the space shuttles.
With the shuttle program coming to an end and with reduced budgets, critical thinking is very important in everything I do. Some examples are issues such as head count, just how many employees will I need going forward with just two more scheduled launches.
However most of the critical thinking comes into play when I am planning the schedule for meeting the processing requirements. With three different processing schedules for the three space shuttles in various parts of the processing flow requiring a limited number of ground support equipment. One must determine who has the priority, how many assets are available, and how many are in calibration. I look to see if two shuttles are in the closes in proximity and can share the ground support equipment be moved quickly to support the job or if I must go back to scheduling and ask them to move the schedule job out if at all possible.
Other considerations that I must take into consideration is do I have transportation support that can support the required move from one processing facility to another or to the vehicle assembly building or to the launch pad. What size truck will be required is the truck available...

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