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Decision Analysis Jgt Task 1

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Decision Analysis

Decision Analysis

Task 1 A

Answer to Question A and A1. The answer relates to Shuzworld’s Rugged Wear Work Boot Assembly Line issue. The Shanghai facility of the company produces steel tipped work boot. The scope of this task is to analyze if the company has properly organized workflow associated with the production of this item. Presented below, Table 1 and Figure 1 demonstrate arrangement of tasks of the production line.
Table 1
Task Description of Work boot
|Tasks |Completion (Minutes) |Predecessors ...view middle of the document...

(Courtesy: Shuzworld)

Figure 1. Workflow Diagram

Both Table 1 and Figure 1 provide information of tasks associated with the production of the work boot. The workflow diagram in Figure 1 shows that some tasks are parallel, and others are sequential. In other words, some tasks can start together, and others cannot start unless the previous task is completed. Table 1 shows that the task A takes 10 minutes to complete; it is the longest task in this schedule. The production line consumes 46 minutes to complete all tasks. It produces 6 boots in an hour and maintains 40-hour per week work schedule.
The plant’s operation director, Alistair Wu wants to find out how to optimize tasks from A to H, described in the Table 1 and Figure 1. The concept implies that the tasks within the assembly line must be assigned to meet the production rate while minimizing the idle time. This method is called Balancing the assembly line. Balancing the assembly line method uses the following strategies: shortest operation time, least number of the following task, longest operation time, most following tasks, and ranked positional weight. The number of tasks that require balancing dictates the assembly line balancing framework. In Szuzworld’s case, the framework uses the following constraints:
• The shortest cycle time cannot be lower than 10 minutes;
• The entire cycle time must not be longer than 46 minutes.

Answer to question A 1a. The solution is achieved using POM software. Table 2 and 3 show corresponding input and output of assembly line balancing for the rugged work boot.

Table 2.

Input Data
|Task A 2. |
|Station |Task |
|1 |5 units |
|2 |5+10=15 units |
|3 |15+15=30 units |
|4 |30+20=50 units |

Table 4 displays that Shuzworld plans to take advantage of the use of learning curve decision technique. Hetty Tarbox in the meeting states, “"I've also been analyzing data from prior new product launches, and our production employees typically have had an 80% learning curve." The concept of the technique is based on a theory that...

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