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Decision Essay

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This week my first priority would be to understand what I am dealing with and how to approach the next three weeks. For the most part it has become my concern that Kava has a lot of issues to deal with that involves floods, natural disasters, tidal waves and more. My job as an executive and representative of Wal-mart is to help Kava through this disaster and help them become a better and stronger country. Today, “Wal-mart International is a fast-growing part of Wal-mart's overall operations, with 5,366 stores and approximately 740,000 associates in 27 countries outside the continental U.S. (Wal-mart Corporate, 2012)”. Wal-mart is looking to make Kava another part of its international ...view middle of the document...

Wal-mart will help Kava try to recover from all the disasters they have gone through. The effects of the disasters here in kava also have a profound effect on The U.S. The fist order of business is how we can expand our companies’ merchandise to other parts of Kava and, can we find ways to help the local government to import and export more goods thru wal-mart to other countries to generate revenue to help with the rebuild of Kava. Rebuilding Kava will help to improve the Kava economy. Identifying what will help the community to grow and putting a plan into effect will be the first thing our Company wal-mart will do. Since Kava depends on goods such as coffee, cocoa, spices bananas, sugar, and tourism the first order of business is to help protect these assets from Kava natural disasters such as floods, Tornadoes, typhoons, tidal waves, and hurricanes to improve their economy. Kava has a hard time with earnings. Kava is also home to various ethnic mixes and people with different languages, which you could say they have some sort of language barrier among them. This is a country that is in need of some help and aid to help get the country cleaned up and on its way to recovery.
The fact that Kava is an island in the South Pacific can also be considered a problem as well because, not very many people know it exists. Also, over 50% of Kava’s population is under 15 years of age which can hurt in the labor force. The first step is to talk with the people of Kava do some researches on where would be the best place to put a store that would be easy to access for customers, employees and shipping of goods. The location will need to be close to a port and an area that has a low risk for natural disaster. The store will need to be built to withstand severe weather, fire and other natural disasters. Wal-mart, also have to solve the issue of employment because, a majority of...

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