Decion In Paradise 1 Essay

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Decisions in Paradise
June 14, 2010

Nik was a new graduate that was offered a job on an island in the south pacific named Kava. He felt very secure with his decision to take the job since the health care afcility has a solid foundation. He blindly took the job not having any prior knowledge of the history of the island or what the job required of him. To his surprise, upon arrival, he noticed the island was a mess as far as the eye could see. It was not the paradise Nik expected it to be. The paradise country has gone threw many natural disasters making this a potential concern for him. Nik entered the trailer, which they called the office, expecting to greet the ...view middle of the document...

Nix agreed to give it shot and started making a plan of where to start. Location was Niks first thought when he began to analyze the problem of disaster on the island. Although the whole island was affected he wanted to find the least damaged area and investigate. Also by moving the location to another area, would it be exposing it to another kind of natural disaster such as mudslides? Since Nix is not familiar with the area, he would benefit from having a Environmental impact assessment be done. An environmental impact assessment is an assessment of the possible impact- positive or negative- that a proposed project may have on the environment, together consisting of the natural, social and economic aspects ( Wikipedia,2010). He explained to Alex they would need to be able to communicate with the people effectively. The first task at hand would be to find an interrupter. Communication is going to be key to establishing a business in a foreign land. Although the government is in agreement with having the company build on their land, the community in which they plan to build will need to be in agreement also in order for the company to be successful. A person from human resources would need to inform the people of the plans and goals they have. They would need to explain to them how this is going to help rebuild there country by opening doors for employment growth, healthier environment , tourists and technology. This would help build their trust and devotion to helping the company get on its feet. We want the community to be in agreement with our being there. Ask the government for assistance in the clean up of the area for the building. Get in touch with some of the disaster relief organizations would be a good idea for some of the clean up also. The clean up should include supplying food and clothing to the people affected. The organizations that would be helpful are The American Red Cross, Christian Reformed World Relief. Next scout the community for people with degrees or even people of age of working. This will give you a clue of how many people need to be brought in for construction. While the construction is being completed a management team should also be assembled.
The first department that should be assembled is the human resource department. Human resources consists of many people and departments. The human resource departments are the entities organizations form to organize people,...

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