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Deciding Factors On Equine Competitions Essay

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Deciding Factors on Equine Competitions
Are you in a position to decide which discipline is right for you, in the field of Equine competition? Western Pleasure horses and Hunt Seat horses are the same usually in primary care ,but their competitions and how they are judged are very different. Let’s see if we can define which would be better for your interest.
Western Pleasure horses use some of the same movements as the Hunt Seat horse but are usually preferred to be slower in speed, and a more collective flowing movement, using a flat footed four beat walk, a slow two beat diagonal gait with a level topline when they jog, and their lope is fluid relaxed, smooth natural stride ...view middle of the document...

The attire worn by the exhibitors is very different. The Western Pleasure exhibitor initially starts out primarily with a western state of mind, focusing on a western style cowboy hat, long sleeve shirts, belts with flashy buckles, cowboy boots, and chaps, or chinks. The styles have evolved to include colored felts in the hats, instead of straws. The shirts now are popping with bright eye catching colors with designs in sequins and rhinestones, big cuffs and collars, flashy jewelry, like chokers and petite non bouncing earrings. Matching pants, usually a polyester now instead of colored or blue jeans. Loud colored chaps that are colored to match outfit and boots, and hats, and even the horse’s saddle pads. Boots can be bought custom to your individual preferences, and even boots that can be dyed to match your own outfits. They come in pointed, rounded or square toes. They are made from basic cow hides to exotic hides, such as ostrich, python, and crocodile, just to name a few. The western saddles and bridles now are in a few different colors or shades like, black, brown, tans and are loaded with either nickel or german silver. Seems, the brighter, the better from clothes to the saddle for the western riders.
The Hunt Seat rider’s, on the other hand, has not changed very much over the years. They have a helmet which is hard because this discipline derives from fox hunting, which they needed head protection in case of an accidental fall. They are usually black velvet on the...

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