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Debate Paper

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When discussing something as controversial as the decriminalization of the use of recreational drugs there must be validity to the argument that you are presenting. The most important point would be what the impact on society would be. There would be without a doubt both a positive as well as a negative result. The most important thing about the outcome would be whether or not the positive result would outweigh the negative. This is where many citizens reach an impasse when arguing the topic.
The use of different drugs for recreational purposes has been illegal for many years. There are opinions that are shared by many different people that suggest that the criminalization of ...view middle of the document...

Even though drugs and the recreational use of drugs are now illegal; they still exist. People still both sell and use them. The only difference is that it is done “underground” with no control or regulation. This in turn makes the use of drugs more hazardous for the user.
Another valid point that the people opposing the criminalization of drugs commonly make is that “why are some drugs legal and some not”. Even the legal drugs are hazardous to the user’s health. The two most common examples of dangerous and legal drugs would be cigarettes and alcohol. Both cause fatalities daily and yet the government not only allows the sale and use of them, the government actually profits the most due to the strict regulations and control. This tends to contradict the reason that the government criminalizes other drugs in the first place; “drugs are bad for you”. If this is the true reason, then why are all harmful substances illegal?
By decriminalizing the use of all recreational drugs it would be possible for more people to try substances they most likely would not otherwise try. This could lead to a higher number of drug addicts within the country and a higher fatality rate due to drug usage. The key word in this argument is “could” not would.
In the country of Portugal, all recreational drugs have been decriminalized. The number of drug related fatalities was not impacted the way most have thought it would. The number didn’t increase significantly. The numbers actually fluctuated on a year by year basis very similar to the way they did before drugs were even decriminalized. The statistic that did change significantly however, was that the crime involving drug trafficking did decrease. If the substances are legal than, there isn’t much profit in smuggling them in the first place.
One of the biggest questions involving the criminalization of recreational drugs is; what effect does it currently have on our economy? Are we better or worse off?
Pro-criminalization advocates support that by keeping drugs illegal it actually keeps our economy strong. It keeps police officers employed, people stay productive in a work environment and children stay more studious with more of a concentration on scholastics rather than worrying about “getting high” all the time. They also feel that it is much safer to drive on the road when people don’t need to constantly worry about which other drivers are under the influence of something while also driving on the road. This feeling would also hold true for pilots who fly airplanes.
Pro-decriminalization advocates tend to believe that by keeping drugs illegal, it actually weakens our economy. They believe that more police offers need to be hired to keep “drugs off the street”, which is an attempt that is more or less in vain and futile. Criminals get rich by smuggling drugs into the country and crime of all natures increase. Since the drugs are illegal, all substances currently being used and distributed are not...

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