Debate On Gay Marriage Essay

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16 September 2012
A Critique of “A Debate on Gay Marriage” by Andrew Sullivan
Same-sex marriages or “homosexuality” has become one of the most highly controversial topics in today’s society. One half of our population is in favor of “homosexuality”, while the other half strongly disagrees with the sexual orientation that others prefer. A debate titled “A Debate on Gay Marriage” had circulated. It states the supporting beliefs of the writer Andrew Sullivan from his book, “Virtually Normal: An Argument about Homosexuality” and rebutting arguments from William J. Bennett, a prominent cultural conservative, which appeared as an op-ed column in the Washington ...view middle of the document...

Recognizing the legal union of gay and lesbian couples would represent a profound change in the meaning and definition of marriage” (Bennett, 409). By broadening the definition of marriage and consenting same-sex marriages, Bennett questions the controversy that will form by our society. Bennett disputes about homosexuals having the same right as heterosexuals in adopting children having knowing that a child being raised by mother and father is socially acceptable. Bennett indicated that “among worldwide cultures, where there are so few common threads, it is not a coincidence that marriage is almost universally recognized as an act meant to unite a man and a woman (Bennett, 410).
I feel that the debate from both writers, Andrew Sullivan and William J. Bennett, provided appropriate arguments as to why same-sex marriages should and should not be made legal. In Sullivan’s article, he portrayed passion for stating his case on the equality and dignity for all citizens, mainly homosexuals. He fully committed himself to seek out that homosexuals have equal rights in marriage as to heterosexuals, having the same right in raising children, and being a role model for young gay individuals. He could have made a stronger point of view by citing creditable studies and sources. For example, Sullivan’s point of view of children being raised by “homosexual” partners, he could have conducted or cite several well-conducted study bearing his point of view. Sullivan’s point for the concern about the importance of legalizing gay marriages, he failed to cite a liable source. He indicated that “gay marriages were legalized, 90 percent of the political work necessary to achieve gay and lesbian equality would have been achieved” (Sullivan, 407). He never...

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