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Death Sentence Essay

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Death Sentence
Hello, my name is Joaquin Solari Costa and as you may know, I am here to talk about the death penalty or sentence. The death sentence could be defined by different things: Is a judge’s official statement ordering someone to be punished by death, or the punishment of being legally killed, or the practice or legal sanction of allowing the imposition of punishment of death for people convicted on certain crimes.
The countries that still apply the death penalty and most make use of it are China, America, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Yemen. However, the number of people supporting the death penalty has begun to decrease.
With the United States as an example, there are many ways to ...view middle of the document...

But the only way to give emotional compensation is with therapy.
Defenders ensure that the perpetrators of heinous crimes never have an opportunity to cause future tragedy. And that could be solved with the life in prison without parole, beyond only 1% of murders are sentenced to death. Moreover, it is also more expensive than life-time prision. Another fact to add is that one out of ten cases are applied to those who are mentally ill, which means that there is a much healthier way to solve the problem and that is not totally their fault.
They also think the best way of solving problems is following the phrase "an eye for an eye". I think is better to take into consideration Mahatma Gandhi’s phrase, which says “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”. It means that killing people is not the solution because we kill and don’t want us to be killed; we are doing what we don’t want to be done with us.
Defenders of the death penalty argue that this way convicted criminals do not offend again and is a just penalty for atrocious crimes such as child murders, serial killers or torture murderers, which means that they are paying for their crimes; but Normally this...

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