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Death Penalty Should Be Abolished Essay

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Death PenaltyThe Death Penalty is different from all other forms of punishments in that it cannot be reversed and therefore should be abolished. Murderers are not discouraged from committing crimes even with the death penalty as a punishment. The high costs of the death penalty are also another good reason to get it out of government's system. The death penalty goes against some of The American Constitution's laws. The Death Penalty is unfair and unjust and should be abolished from America.The Death Penalty does not frighten people from committing crimes any more effective than imprisonment does. For the death penalty to work the offender must see it as a threat. Most people who commit ...view middle of the document...

In reality these laws do absolutely nothing to protect people from dangerous criminals. The death penalty is not anymore effective than imprisonment at discouraging other people from committing crimes. By killing a murderer, we encourage, allow or legitimize unauthorized killings.The death penalty is thought to be a cost effective punishment that is cheaper than lengthened imprisonment yet it is completely untrue. The studies show that a criminal justice system with the death penalty is more expensive than one that does not have the penalty. The high costs are due to the trial process in the death penalty cases being longer and more complicated because of the precautions taken to minimize errors and inconsistencies (NAACP, Pg. 3). The appeals process is also a lot more costly. After spending huge sums of money on trials, appeals and death row, many criminals do not actually receive the punishment. Thus adding the costs of long-term imprisonment to those of the death penalty trial and appeal.Executions are surprisingly expensive; a New York study estimated the costs for trial, appeal, housing on death row and the execution itself run to more than $2,000,000 per person. This exceeds the $300,000 $750,000 that it costs to maintain a prisoner for thirty years. In Texas the a death penalty case costs an average of 2.3 million dollars, about three times the cost of imprisoning someone in a single cell at the highest security level for forty years. Florida spends about 3.2 million dollars on each death row inmate compared to about $535,000 for an average of forty years for each prisoner sentenced to life (Death Penalty Information, Pg. 2).The Death Penalty is unconstitutional according to the United States eighth amendment and carrying out the punishment violates the fourteenth...

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