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Death Penalty Paper

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The death penalty needs to be abolished globally. It is an outdated, unfair and often inhumane punishment. In addition to the fact that many television shows and movies have been made about people wrongly convicted on death row, the whole “an eye for an eye” from the Bible is completely outdated. (BIBLE GATEWAY) Furthermore, there have been numerous incidences where prisoners who had been convicted and sentenced to death, while being administered the lethal injection or on the electric chair, did not actually die the first time around. Many who are convicted and sentenced to death row are mentally disabled, having an IQ of 70 or less.
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” (10 REASONS) In fact, there has been no decisive study that has proven that the death penalty curbs people from committing murder more than incarceration for life or consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole. The parents of Matthew Shepard, the young homosexual man that was beaten, tortured and left to die in Wyoming, pushed for his killers to receive consecutive life sentences because they didn’t want them to go on death row and possibly get an appeal that would release them on a technicality. They didn’t want them to become a martyr to other inmates. (GAY STAR NEWS)
Another reason the death penalty should be abolished is that a majority of the executions performed in the United States in the last hundred to two hundred years have been performed and assisted by prison guards and officials. Many of these executions have been botched or have failed altogether. Some examples; are a lethal injection execution where the prisoner was in excruciating pain because the needle was placed in his arm facing towards his fingers and not his heart, another lethal injection execution that was a 3-part cocktail developed by doctors and still the patient writhed and foamed at the mouth for 10 minutes after the drugs being administered. (MCCOY) There have been reported cases of electric chair executions where the electricity failed during the execution and the execution had to be stayed.
Additionally, the death penalty should be abolished because some people that get the death penalty are wrongfully convicted. Lack of evidence, hearsay, questionable circumstantial evidence, falsified documents and testimony, evidence overlooked by law enforcement, alibis ignored, eyewitness error, government misconduct, snitch testimony, mishandled evidence or use of...

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