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Death Penalty Needed To Protect Society

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The death penalty is an issue that has been debated in the past for many years. In today’s society and in the future it is an issue that will continue to be debated over for many years to come. Some believe the death penalty should be abolished while others believe the death penalty should remain an open and often used option. Although there are things that could be changed in dealing with the death penalty, it should not be completely abolished. The death penalty should be administered to those who commit heinous crimes, whether it involves murder or some other violent crime. It cheapens the life of an innocent murder victim to say that society has no right to keep the murderer from ever ...view middle of the document...

All crimes should have a set punishment, but not necessarily the old eye for an eye way of thinking. Society has lightened punishments in recent years because the criminal shows remorse. What people fail to see is that remorse can easily be faked.
There are many good and bad points that opponents to the death penalty bring up, but there are also good and bad points that pro-death penalty believers argue. Opponents of capital punishment believe the death penalty is not beneficial. An eye for an eye makes the world blind.(Bohm/Hittel) We execute those who commit these atrocious crimes so that they do not have the chance to kill again. Dr. Robert Blecker argues that the death penalty is necessary for punishing the worst criminals. (Hittel) Heinous crimes seem to be no big deal and no shocking occurrence, in today’s society. It is sad to see that the world has come to a point where these heinous atrocities are common place and that few take notice.
The headlines are covered with people who have committed terrible crimes and sit on television laughing about what they've done, knowing they're not going to receive the death penalty for their crime. The death penalty is not handed out easily and the prosecutors do not just decide that they will seek it. Most states have certain guidelines that must be met before the death penalty can be considered. For instance in Colorado there has to be statutory aggravators, these aggravators can consist of many things but must show the crime was especially heinous, cruel or depraved or the murder of a police officer. (Gutierrez)
The government and the judicial system has now become so bogged down and overcrowded that the thought of going to jail is like a joke, people know that if it is their first offense or even second most times today they can get a suspended sentence or probation because there is no room for them in the jail system. In jail some people have all the luxuries of home, cable television, three hot meals a day and the ability to take college classes. At one point in time, jail was somewhere a person feared to go. Now jails have all the luxuries of living at home with mom and dad, so why not go there? Jail can be considered a refuge where they can escape from the harshness of life, for some jail is a better place than what home was for them.
It seems that at least one-fourth, if not one-half, of the crimes committed sending people to jail deserve a harsher punishment and in some cases, the death penalty. The crime a person has to commit in order to receive the death penalty has dramatically changed over the past several years. It is now much more difficult for the state to seek the death penalty. Society seems to have the need to 'think about' whether or not the death penalty should be sought. Determining whether or not a mother who has drowned all of her children or a man who has been confirmed in having raped, dismembered, and killed five boys under the age of ten in a...

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