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Death Penalty For Drug Trafficking Should Be Abolished

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General Purpose : To inform
Specific Purpose : To inform my audience about why death penalty should be abolished
Organisational Pattern : Topical Order
Central Idea : Drug trafficking is indeed detrimental but it should be abolished because there’s a better alternative to it

I. A lady folded her new clothes and placed them neatly at the head of her bed. Then, she made a green bean soup while placing her Mcdonald’s burger on the stool. She didn’t eat that night. Instead, she spent the night talking to her friends and singing religious songs. That was how Donggui, a lady from China spent her night before ...view middle of the document...

The way to make ends meet when the loan shark is about to come and knock the door of their house. Since drug trafficking is illegal for most countries, a lucrative sum of money will be given to compensate the danger of getting caught
2. The United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime estimated that the Malaysian methamphetamine market is extremely lucrative for Iranian organized crime groups, who manufacture and sell a kilogram of crystal meth inside Iran for around US$4,500 but can sell the same kilogram in Malaysia for an astounding US$80,000
C. Drug trafficking is a crime with an increasing magnitude that worsens day by day
1. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime stated that drug trafficking is a global illicit trade with a significant increase in its magnitude
2. UNODC World Drug Report in 2010 recorded that over the period of 2002-2005, global cocaine seizure totals have recently followed a stable trend, amounting to 712 tons in 2007 and 711 tons in 2008

(Transition: Now that you know what drug trafficking is and the magnitude that it holds, let me move to the reasons why death penalty for drug trafficking should be abolished)

II. The sentencing of death penalty for drug trafficking is both unfair and ineffective
A. The right to life is protected by Article 5 (1) of the Federal Constitution
1. Federal Constitution is, as everyone knows, the supreme law of the land and any laws that are inconsistent with its provisions are invalid and thus unconstitutional
2. Death penalty infringes the provision in that it takes away the right, rendering the provision to be redundant. This shows that an act which is inconsistent with the highest law of the land may exist. This is a violation to the right of the convicts. Justice Gopal Sri Ram stated in the Federal Court case of Lee Kwan Woh v Public Prosecutor in 2009 that the trial judge made an erroneous decision in sentencing the accused to death as it is in violation of the article 5 (1)
B. The justice system is not always right when it comes to these cases
1. There is bound to be errors made in courts in deciding whether or not the accused should be convicted of the charges being made
2. There are more than 100 convicts that were found not guilty after being placed on death row. Reginald Griffin, a former death row inmate from Missouri became the 143rd person in America to be freed from death row after his...

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