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Intellectual Property



Intellectual property
3D Technology, also referred to us addictive manufacturing is the process of forming 3 solid objects that are dimensional and are made from a digital file. Addictive process occurs when an object is formed by putting down many successive layers of materials. 3D printed guns are functional plastic guns that can be easily reproduced by any individual that has a printer with 3D functions. The printer allows for easy downloading of many plastic guns as possible. It also allows the downloading of the existing plastic gun designs that are used for printing the actual plastic guns. As long as an ...view middle of the document...

Technology is advancing everyday and very soon the 3D technology will be in a position to produce a 3D printer that can be afforded by consumers to use in their homes, giving them an opportunity to manufacture many things on their own and in the comfort of their homes. This will extensively challenge the Intellectual property legislation and serious amendment needs to be done to keep up with the advanced technology. In previous decades, product designers produced detailed drawings that had multiple products to be viewed, which led to skilled machine operators to manufacture the products. Computer technology however has made it possible to design products using computer programs. The computer programs have led to the creation of design models in 3D form that produce products and manufacture the products that can be machined, from the selected materials. Technology in 3D scanning was developed to carry out inspection of the actual products manufactured, and the scanned data helped in ascertaining the quality of the products through control checks that were done against the design models in 3D form (David, 2009).
The possibility of allowing clients to print certain products at the comfort of their homes using online database, will force experts in laws of intellectual property to come up with a well thought plan to protect manufacturers rights. In the case of the 3D gun and even toy cars where a consumer upon getting the 3d model design of the gun or toy through scanning, can produce many duplicate copies of the toy cars and plastic guns being sold in the market, brand them differently and sell them as his own. This will have an impact on the copyrights, patent and trademark laws.
The copyright law protects the design of the 3D plastic guns and the works of the original manufacturer, expressed in a fixed and tangible way. Copyright laws are used to protect the design oriented objects that are copied by the 3D printers. For example if an individual scans a copy of the 3D plastic gun and prints it, it will infringe the original manufacturers’ copyrights, because the scanned copy still belongs to the manufacturer. In addition the design files in 3D form that gives printing direction to the 3D printers to produce the 3D plastics cars also have copyright protection laws, the same as the 3D plastic cars being printed through the 3D technology. When it comes to 3D technology, the copy right laws ignore very important issues, like the 3D plastic gun is important yet it is not protected. It is only the design at the back of the gun with no value that is protected.
Trademark law helps to protect the brand being used in production of the 3D plastic gun. The law protects an individual use of his own trademark for his product or service from confusion with another individuals mark. As much as the trademark law exists, it is important to note that the 3D plastic gun may not even have any brand. Some trademark laws protect...

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