Death And Violence In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Death and Violence In William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet


‘Romeo and Juliet’ by Shakespeare is a play which illustrates how
discrimination and intolerance leads to death and violence. The play
is known to be a tragedy and as it says in the prologue the platy was
really known as the ‘Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet’. It is abut two
personalities who fall in love. The both of them are from two totally
different families which have unimaginable hatred and enmity far each
other. It is known that the two families are the same in dignity,
pride and social status,”Two households both alike in dignity” From
ancient, grudge a break to new mutiny”. ...view middle of the document...

Tybalt on the other hand is of a very violent nature, he
is aggressive, he is so crushed in enmity and has forgotten the name
of peace. He has a strong hatred for all Montague’s. ”Turn thee
Benvolio, look upon thy death,” Shakespeare has shown Tybalts hate for
all Montague’s by stating” What drawn and talk of peace? I hate the
word, as I hate all Montague’s and thee”. Shakespeare has got the
audience interested in the play. The scene makes the audience curious,
suspicious and excited. Death and Violence shown in the play makes the
audience interested in watching the whole play.

The following scene begins as Romeo finds out that his beloved
Rosaline will be attending the Capulet party. So Romeo, to see
Rosaline for the last time, went to the feast uninvited. In
Shakespeare’s time the people conducted masked balls. All the guests
were to come in disguise. This idea came of no use to Romeo because no
sooner had he entered the gathering he was recognized by Tybalt,”This,
by voice should be a Montague”. Observing him Tybalt got suspicious.
Tybalt automatically changed his attitude and became Violent and
aggressive, “Fetch my rapier boy”. “To strike him dead I hold it not a
sin.” Tybalt was from doing anything as Lord Capulet stopped him. This
is because he wanted to avoid ruining the party. Tybalt not able to do
anything not only felt betrayed but insulted as well by his own uncle,
“Be quiet for shame, I’ll make u quiet”. Lord Capulet instead of
feeling offended started praising Romeo a Montague, “Verona brags to
be an incurious and well governed youth”, “A bears like him a portly
gentlemen”. Tybalt divears that he will have revenge at Romeo. “I will
withdraw, but this intrusion shall, now seeming sweet, will convert to
be the bitterest gall”. The scene becomes surprising as the audience
sees Lord Capulet defending Romeo in the situation and goes against
Tybalt. The scene turns to have four contents. Betrayal, Love, Romance
and Violence. The audience becomes surprised seeing that Lord Capulet
let a Montague stay in his mansion. They also become suspicious
thinking if Lord Capulet accepts Romeo and Juliet’s love. The audience
builds interest in the play and is curious to know what will happen

Tybalt has been seeking revenge on Romeo attending the party. Romeo
just married Juliet so he doesn’t want to confront Tybalt because he
is now automatically related to him. Despite being insulted by him, he
still refuses to confront him. He enrages Mercutio who accepts Tybalt
challenge in his place. Mercutio is Romeo’s friend, neither a Capulet
nor a Montague. The scene starts with Benvolio and Mercutio are in a
street in Verona. As we have seen before Benvolio is still afraid of
being spotted by a Capulet and is trying to avoid a brawl “The day is
hot the chapels are abroad and if we...

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