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Death And Justice: How Capital Punishment Affirms Life

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Death and Justice: How Capital PunishmentAffirms LifeI can both agree and dissagree with Edward Koch's opinions in his essay called Death and Justice: How Capital Punishment Affirms Life. Some of the arguments that he has presented seemed valid, however, he didn't supply enough facts to back up what he was saying for many of his examples. It seemed to me that most of what Edward Koch was saying had more to do with his own opinion on capital punishment than on any type of reasearch he has done on the topic.In one part of his argument he states, "No other major democracy - in fact, few other countries of any description - are plagued by a murder rate such as that in the United States." (Koch 196). He does go on to provide the reader with some "statistics" on how the murder rate in our country has increased over a period of years. But he is not ...view middle of the document...

He does go on to name some "great thinkers," but he never proves what they supposedly said or why they said it. He names another man by the name of Jeremy Bentham and describes him as ambivalent, but that is all. He forgets to inform us, the average college student, just exactly who Jeremy Bentham is, what he does, (or did,) and just what exactly did he have to do to back up his fact that "the Torah specifies capitol punishment" (Koch 197). Since Mr. Koch is trying to use this man as an example, I feel it would only be fair to his potential readers to let us know who this man was or is.I liked how Mr. Koch tries to defend his views on the death penalty with his response to the people saying that the death penalty is likened to state-sanctioned murder. He had a really good point when he said, "The execution of a lawfully condemned killer is no more an act of murder then is legal imprisonment an act of kidnapping" (Koch 198). I said I liked how he tried to defend his point, although I don't really think that he did. Mostly he just proved for the people against capitol punishment that the death penalty really is state-sanctioned murder.I felt cheated after reading Edward Koch's essay about the death penalty. I don't really have an opinion for or against capitol punishment. I'm not sure if two wrongs make a right, or if we even have the right to take a human life. I'm not very religious one way or another, but I do believe in God, and I was brought up in a way that only God should take a life as he sees fit. I thought this essay would educate me more on this topic; however, I was left feeling more confused because of his lack of resources when writing his essay, therefore rendering it unreliable, and as I said, it left me feeling cheated.Works CitedKoch, Edward I. "Death and Justice: How Capitol PunishmentAffirms Life." Affinities. Wendlow Tetlow and MartinGloege, eds. Needham Heights, MA: Simon andSchuster, 1998.

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