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Non-Substance Addiction Paper
SWCK 4143 – Addiction and the Family

Non-Substance Addiction Paper
The non-substance addiction I decided to address is the theory of tattooing being an addiction. I had spent thirteen years in the military before being medically retired after my tour of duty in Iraq; throughout my years serving in the armed forces I received several tattoos as did many of my fellow soldiers and friends; it’s my belief that for the lion's share of us received tattoos for personal reasons. Individuals with multiple tattoos typically have a variety of reasons for wanting and receiving them; tattoos ...view middle of the document...

For example, those addicted to heroin develop a physical dependence to the drug because it actually changes their brain chemistry, and those who are dependent on gambling are addicted to the practice and experience of gambling on a psychological level. When someone becomes addicted to something, he or she can participate in behavior which is harmful in pursuit of the experience or chemical essential to gratify physical or emotional needs. Those who suffer from addiction have difficulty prioritizing their life choices, choosing another high of an addictive substance rather than the payment of a utility bill, for example those who suffer from addiction may continue with their behavior regardless of the physical, economic, and social consequences.
People have been tattooing their bodies for thousands of years, according to Design-boom, History of Tattoos; in 1991 a five thousand year old tattooed man’s frozen body was uncovered on a mountain between Austria and Italy, the skin displayed 57 tattoos; they mainly consisted of lines and it remains unclear as to what they may have represented. In 1948, 120 miles north of the border between Russia and China, a Russian archeologist began unearthing a group of tombs, in the high Altai Mountains of western and southern Siberia. Mummies were discovered that date from around 2400 years ago. Tattoos on their bodies portray a wide range of animals; these tattoos are thought to have a magical significance but some are thought to be purely ornamental; in total the tattoos are assumed to display the status of the individual. In Egypt, Japan, China, and countless other locations have produced the tattooed remains of persons from past cultures that embraced the art of tattooing; in ancient Greece and Rome the Greeks learned tattooing from the Persians. The romans embraced tattooing from the Greeks; Roman writers such as Virgil noted that many slaves and convicts were tattooed. A legal writing from Ephesus indicated that during the early Roman Empire all slaves transferred to Asia were tattooed with the words ‘tax paid’. Greeks and romans also used tattooing as a penalty for crimes (Design-boom, 2012).
Palermo wrote in The Skin and Freedom of Speech; that tattoos are instruments of human freedom of expression. Palermo felt that tattoos provide symbols to personal, social, and political declarations of people; American troops after World War II tattooed themselves as means of expressing their yearning for their families and their loved ones; sailors on their ships returned home tattoos, typically of a simple style that only used a minimal amount of detail. Palermo also stated that tattoos are used to represent the criminal way of life; for a long time tattooing was reserved by sailors and criminals. In the penitentiary, often tattoos were symbols for gang members; getting an eternal mark is a sign of displaying complete devotion to a gang. These tattoos can tell lots a considerable amount of...

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