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Dealing With Family Dysfunction Essay

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Challenging Vacation
Family vacations bring to mind wonderful summer time activities spent with those you love, unless there are challenges to over come in the family circle. National Lampoon’s Family Vacation adventures provide us with other types of family vacation time and social dysfunctions. A father and son plan a vacation to Florida, which puts to test their relationship. The father and son while having a distant relationship were brought together by the vacation which included riding motorcycles, buying matching t-shirts, and a relaxing walk along the beach.
Randy, my wonderful husband comes from a dysfunctional family. While in middle school, Randy’s parents ...view middle of the document...

Making it to the Florida coastline, they found a repair shop to inspect the van. The van needed a new fuel pump installed. It was no problem; they just off loaded their motorcycles and began touring the town for a motel room.
Settled in at a local motel, they walked to a Walgreen’s for some supplies and picked out a pair of matching t-shirts. They then enjoyed a nice dinner and called it an early night. Early the next morning, they donned their matching t-shirts, had some breakfast, and decided to go for a ride along the coastline for the day. Many hours later, they returned and walked down the boardwalk to a restaurant bar. It became quite obvious that something was not right, by all the nasty stares they were receiving. Finally, two burly men came over and inquired as to where they got their t-shirts. Randy said, “I found them on sale at the Walgreen’s down the street.” One of the men then stated, “Well I would not be wearing them around here, if I were you, because they are Hells Angels t-shirts.” Upon hearing that the father and son downed their drinks, went outside, stripped off the t-shirts and returned to the motel room. The father decided to call it a night, but Randy wasn’t ready, so he put on a different shirt and decided to walk down to the ocean.
It was a very dark night with only the lights of the nearby businesses. Randy strolled across the sand toward the sound of the ocean. On top of the sand cap, he took a step forward only to be pitched down a sand berm. Tumbling head first, he bounced and screamed in agony over sand, rocks and...

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