Dead Poets Society Inner Journey Response

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Discuss the inner journey of three characters from the film Dead Poets Society

In the film Dead Poets Society the characters Neil Perry, Todd Anderson and Knox Overstreet are just three of the many characters that go through an inner journey when the new English teacher, Mr. Keating, comes to Welton Academy for boys, and encourages the students, ‘Carpe Diem, Seize the Day, live life to the fullest and suck the marrow out of life.’ The boys then take this to heart and experience many changes to their actions and reactions, doing things they would have never done unless they had the inspiration that only Mr. Keating was capable of giving because he was the only teacher that believed that ...view middle of the document...

‘I don’t care if the world comes to an end tomorrow night. You are through with that play.’

Not knowing what else to do, Neil then goes to Mr. Keating for help about what to do with the play and tell him about how he love acting. Mr. Keating tells Neil that he needs to talk to his father telling him, ‘have you ever told your dad what you just told me? About your passion for acting. You ever show him that?’ Neil then decides he can’t face his dad and lies to Mr. Keating about talking to his dad.

On the night of the play Neil’s dad unexpectedly shows up and forces Neil home straight after the play but as they are leaving Mr. Keating stops Neil to praise him until Mr. Perry tells Mr. Keating to stay away from his son. While at home Neil’s dad took him out of Welton and enrolled him into another school that would take longer for him to graduate and as Neil objected him and finally stood up to his dad and was able to explain what he wanted and what made him happy but in the end it was a futile attempt as he had not seized the opportunity. (Neil) ‘I’ve got to tell you what I feel!’ (Mr. Perry) ‘What? What? Tell me what you feel. What is it? Is it more of this, this acting business? Because you can forget that. What?’ (Neil) ‘Nothing.’

Todd Anderson

At the start of the film Todd was quite, kept to himself and very much anti-social, wasn’t use to talking to people and tends to stutter or speak quietly when talked to or asked a question and, like Neil, was expected much from because of his brother being one of the best students ever to attend Welton as Mr. Nolan states, ‘You’ve got some big shoes to fill. Your brother was one of our finest.’ Not only was Mr. Keating a big impact on Todd but also Neil. Neil was always trying to get Todd to come out of his shell and hang around with them and evidently succeeds.

First was when Todd was being consistently invited to join the study group but he keeps rejecting the offers and makes excuses like when in the washroom Todd said to Neil, ‘Wha--Uh, no. No. I’ve. I-I’ve got some history I want to finish.’ Later on Neil asks Todd if he was coming to the Dead Poets meeting, but tried to get out of it saying, ‘Keating said everybody took turns reading and…I don’t want to do that.’ Everyone said it was ok that Todd could come and not read and that’s the only reason Todd went. Todd got into an argument with Neil about how Todd didn’t care about what Mr. Keating said and he never wants to hang around with them and Todd says to Neil, ‘So, you want me out?’ and Neil replies ‘No! I want you in! But being in means you gotta do something. Not just say you in.’

Todd thought that his poem for English was worthless and didn’t recite it, instead disposed it and said he didn’t do it. Mr. Keating then quotes, ‘Mr. Anderson here, thinks that everything inside of him is worthless.’ Then makes Todd get in front of the class and make one up on the spot, showing the first sign of him changing.

“I close my eyes and...

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