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Ddos Attack Essay

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NMCI 0 Best Practices for Internal DDoS Attacks

Best Practices for Internal DDoS Attacks


Best Practices for DDoS Attack 1

What is a DDoS?
A Distributed Denial of Service, DDoS, is an attack which is implemented to take down a server and make it unavailable to legitimate users. This attack can be very costly as it suspends services and causes a break in connection to the internet. The reason this attack is called ‘Distributed’ is because there is a large number of computers that are used to overwhelm the web servers. These computers are called bots or slaves. They are controlled by one computer, which is called the master or handler. The master sends a command to the bots ...view middle of the document...

All team members should be educated on the network’s security policies in-place, including the network infrastructure and implementation practices. Develop a Incident response team tailored to dealing with DDoS.

Security Policy and Procedure Development There should be a security policy in-place which consists of a ‘User Policy’, where the levels of privileges are defined. Educate all network users. A user agreement should be created. This agreement will educate the user on their access privileges and responsibilities related to network security. An administrator agreement should also be established. This agreement may highlight specific policies regarding privileges and password. Network Security Standard of Procedures should be created and made available to all users with a need to know. User Authentication Method Incorporate a multi-factor authentication method. This method can consist of a something the user knows, something the user has and something the user is.

Best Practices for DDoS Attack 3


The multi-factor will make it extremely difficult for a DDoS to...

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