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Days Of The Raj Being Numbered

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“Study sources R, S and T. How far do these sources suggest that the days of the Raj were numbered?”
The Raj refers to the British rule in the Indian subcontinent between 1858 until India’s independence in 1947. Thus the days of the Raj were ‘numbered’. The word ‘numbered’ refers to the idea that the British rule in India was limited; hence the imperialist powers were being eradicated gradually. Due to Indian rebellion against the British rule, Britain’s slowly diminished their political and military battle with India.
The British had introduced various new things for India, i.e. democracy. Before the British rule, India was governed by the Mughal Emperors who were essentially dictators. ...view middle of the document...

Therefore to some extent this source could be unbiased. The purpose of this source implicates a decree of inequality which was being faced by the Indian people. The British portrayed a lack of equality showing their negative attitude towards Indians. As a result of this the Indians were seen as inferior and had a lower social class in society compared to the British. This principally led to the days of the Raj being numbered as the Indians had started rebelling against British rule, again adapting back to the ways of the Indian culture.
Source S also portrays the issues of inequality similar to Source R in which the Indians face the imperialist ruling of the English. This source implicitly describes the English as “thieves” and talks about the ruling of India. This effectively shows the British as ‘profit making thieves’. The term “thieves” enforces the frustration faced by the Indians. The use of rhetorical questions is used excessively to question the British ways, almost accusing them of “dooming them to hunger fever and plague”. This focuses on the tax which is input on the Indians, therefore implying that people don’t like taxes so the masses will be able to understand what the anonymous person is saying. The origin of this source is from an anonymous leaflet portraying the Indian attitude towards the British in 1907. This source may be reliable as it’s from an anonymous Indian’s perspective, which may not be biased if they’re not part of the British Raj. Clearly the purpose of this source is perhaps the ever changing attitude of the Indians towards the English. The use of rhetorical questions is used to perhaps question the morality of the British and also to awaken the masses from this imperialist ruling. As a result of this it may lead to a form of retaliation against the British Raj. Due to this ‘rebellion’ it is prominent that the power of the British Raj were being eroded as this oppression had led to the Indians being able to increase their consciousness of the inequality and in effect fighting for their independence.
Source T is also...

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