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David Lynch Essay

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David Lynch

David Keith Lynch is an American Filmmaker, born in 20 of January in 1946 in Missoula Montana in United States of America. His father was a Forest scientist that worked with the government for that reason he spent a lot of his childhood traveling around EUA.
He didn't like much academics however he had a passion for art. David Lynch studied at Corcoran School of Art before moves to Boston, where he studied at Boston Museum School. Having a dream of becoming a painter he quits of the course in Boston and decide to travel to Europe looking for inspiration for his work. He travelled with an artist friend called Jack Fisk and they had the intention of meet famous Painter, ...view middle of the document...

.. If you ask what does that mean or what is the story about I often say maybe that is the wrong question, maybe you should go back to the dadaism kind of appreciation of an image as an image and ask those questions" Raimirez, Charles (1990)
For him is all about the world that can be experienced by watching a film and this experience doesn’t need to be classified by words or deep descriptions of what it is or what it means. ”The world in the film is a created one, and people find out certain things about how something was done, or how this means or that means, the next time they see the film, these things enter into the experience…I think it’s so precious and important to maintain that world and not say certain things that could break the experience.” (Lynch, 2006 , p.19)
Because of his peculiar way of expressing himself, all of his creations are a mixture of sensations represented by bizarre framing, saturate colors, slow motion in action scenes and a very involving sound. As David Lynch stated many times, the sound is 50% of his films. Lynch many times plays the sound on set to the DOP to help him to operate the camera with the right mood that he wants, as well to verify if the sound matches the scene. He always works with his musician and composer Angelo Badalamenti and they always discuss mood and shapes for the music.
"I always get together with Angelo [Badalamenti] before shooting to get the mood to use on the set. Even is nobody else listens to them, I sometimes listen to the music while we are recording. It's a really good indicator of how the scene is going, based on what I am hearing in the music, as well as the dialogue." (Lynch, 1998b , p.51)
His technique to reach the sound he wants is by observing an image to have an idea of what sound should go with it. That's where he starts his composition. Lynch likes all the sounds from realistic to abstract that can fuse with or into music. All of his details are meticulously thought out and worked out by him. "He hears everything you do! He has tremendous feeling for music" (Badalamenti , 1998 )
"The beginning dictates the direction and you never know where it's going to end up, but the mood is something you are looking for and somehow we always find it. It takes a kind of strange dialogue and action/reaction with the music Angelo's playing to get there."( Lynch, 1998b)
David Lynch, when he's directing his films, spends the same amount of time, if not more, on scenes with no dialogue than ones with dialogue. He's always looking for the right image to go along with the right sound. In his first feature film, Eraserhead, he worked with Allen Splat on he soundtrack. They used two tape recorders to record samples, a few sound libraries which the processes with filters and effects to get the correct mood. They spent months trying to find this correct mood for the film. After that, they spent six weeks working 24/7 on the sound editing before they added the music and dialogue to the...

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