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David Cronenberg Scene Analysis

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One of David Cronenberg’s favorite themes to explore on film is the combining of both gender characteristics into one character; she retains the victimization of a female character, yet her monstrous transformation forces her to adapt masculine qualities. Rose, even though she is the cause of the horrible outbreak, is a victim of a scientific experiment and has to feed on people’s blood seeing no other way to survive. When Rose realizes the possibility of her being the carrier of the disease she overcomes her survival instinct to feed on people and sacrifices herself for the good of the society. Narration in the final scene of Rose’s experiment allows the audience to see the story from her ...view middle of the document...

Even though we see that she is still hopeful of the result being positive she knows the consequences of Hart’s words turning out to be true. She willingly traps herself with her last victim knowing the possible outcome; she can’t live with herself knowing that she was the cause of the outbreak and sacrifices herself. Subjective narration, by allowing the audience to understand what she’s feeling, creates a relationship between Rose and the audience by evoking sympathies for her and awaiting, with horror, the inevitable moment of her death.
Mise-en-scene contributes heavily to the portrayal of Rose as a victim and her final decision. The setting in the scene emphasizes Rose’s innocence and enhances the point that there’s no one who can save her. First of all, she is trapped. She has intentionally locked herself up to make sure that, even if she would have changed her mind about sacrificing herself, the outcome would still be the same: she would die and the infection will stop. The bisected face sculpture underlines Rose’s inner conflict with herself. She doesn’t want to believe she is the cause of the outbreak. She wants to save herself. On the other hand, she is dealing with fact that the possibility of her being the carrier is very high. She feels guilty and almost disgusted with herself and does what she feels is right; kills herself in order to stop the murders. The sculpture also represents her inner conflict throughout the whole film. She feels guilty every time she goes hunting for the next victim but her survival instinct pushes her to drink human blood in order to preserve her life. It demonstrates the duality of her character, as well. Rose is a very feminine character in ways that she’s very emotionally vulnerable. She is the object of desire, and she’s suffering throughout the film because of her new “monstrous” body and needs. Nevertheless, she takes on masculine characteristics as well. She is the one who seduces and attacks male characters in the movie and she’s the one who has to take action in order to save the society. In contrast, all of the male characters are portrayed with many feminine qualities. They are very week, both physically and emotionally in relation to Rose. They never have control of the situation before them, in particular. He is always worried about Rose, beating in hysterics and crying whenever something happens to her.
The lightning creates the contrast between the good and the evil and forms a feeling of hopelessness for Rose. Up to this point Rose is usually surrounded by warm and light environment such as the mall and Mindy’s apartment. In the final scene, Rose is brightly lit. She is always surrounded by light suggesting her innocence in the whole situation created by her. Moreover, the bright light...

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