Dating Comparison Essay

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Sarah Crement
Compare and Contrast
Dating Then Vs. Now
I asked my mom the other day what dating was like when she was a teenager. I was shocked to find out that almost everything she told me was different than how dating is nowadays. From what she told me, dating seemed to be very traditional and what it still should be like. The point of dating was to find a husband or wife. But now it isn’t like that at all. There aren’t any teenagers that are looking to find someone to marry. There’s even kids in elementary school that are supposively “dating”.
When it comes to a first date, my mom said when she was my age the guy would take her out to a fancy restaurant or a movie. The guy would ring the doorbell to get her and then have to speak to her ...view middle of the document...

How most people met each other back then was through school, work, or maybe even parties. Meeting was always face-to-face because there was really no other way of doing it. But now I would say about 75% of relationships happen because of the internet. Everyone meets each other on Facebook. Which is pretty horrible because you don’t know the person you’ll be going on a date with. Back then there weren’t any lies. What you saw was what you got. People didn’t pretend to be someone they’re not like they do now.
Then it comes to meeting the parents. Back then it was a must to meet the girl’s parents before going out on dates. Dad’s would ask the guy a million questions like “Where are you from?” or “What do you plan on doing after college?”. If they disapproved then the girl would most likely not be allowed to see him again. And nowadays many parents could care less. I’ve dated someone for over a month without my parents ever meeting him. Even if they disapproved, it wouldn’t necessarily put an end to the relationship.
My mom then told me about her break ups. What stood out to me was the fact that once you broke up with someone back then, it was over for good. There was no going back. You couldn’t keep tabs on someone like you could now. Now people could “stalk” their ex’s online to see who they’re into now or what they are doing now that they’re single. And there’s a better chance getting back together with someone now than it was back then.
After talking to my mom about all of this, it made me realize that dating doesn’t really exist now. Back when my mom was young, it was normal to get taken out to nice places and for guys to treat girls with respect. Dating now is really just “hanging out” or “hooking up” with someone. It doesn’t mean anything anymore. Which is truly sad.

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